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News from 2013-2015

News from 2014-15

Y2 Trip to Windmill Farm

Year 2 had a wonderful day out at Windmill Farm! Not only did we get to meet and feed lots of different animals, we also had lots of fun in the play areas and enjoyed an exciting train ride! Click here to see more pictures.

KS1 Sports Day

Key Stage One’s Sports Day was a great success! Race events included: Sprint, Sack Race, Egg and Spoon, Skipping and an Obstacle course. All children, parents and staff  thoroughly enjoyed their day! Click here for more pictures.

Y1 Trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium

Year 1 had a fun filled day at the Blue Planet Aquarium and learned lots of interesting facts about underwater animals. Do you know how many brains a starfish has? Click here to find out.

Y6 Inspiration Week - Jaguar Plant

Year 6 visited the Jaguar site at Halewood last week as a final part to the ‘Inspiration Week’ where they experienced a great morning appreciating the new technology involved in making a car. Please click here for more information about the day.

Feast Of St Peter and St Paul - 29th June

To celebrate the feast day of St Peter and St Paul the whole school had a picnic in our year groups. For more R.E News please click here. 

Inflatable Planetarium

The Inflatable Planetarium came to St John’s. All the children had the chance to go on a virtual tour of our solar system and experience what the earth was like in the beginning and the ‘wild ride’ it has been on to look as it does today. It was lots of fun! For a few more pictures of Year 2 in the planetarium please click here. 

Ducklings in the Nursery

As part of their Growing and Life Cycles topic, Nursery had seven duck eggs delivered and watched them grow into baby ducklings, the whole school went to visit the ducklings over the ten days they were here. For more pictures and information please click here.

Year 3 - Mummification

Year Three have been learning about mummification and have carried out the process themselves on King Polyteddes. Click here to find out what the Egyptians did and what Year 3 did to King Polyteddes, the teddy bear pharaoh!

Year 3 - Crime Busting Maths

Year 3 were shocked when they stumbled upon multiple crimes that had been committed in their classroom! To solve who was responsible they used their knowledge of mathematics to solve the crime and find the criminal. Click here to find out more about their crime busting day.  

Year 3 - The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

Year 3 have been discussing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They discussed which of the gifts they thought were the most important and why and how the gifts of the Holy Spirit can help people to live their Christian lives. For more about the discussion and more pictures please click here. 

Year 3 - Poetry

Year 3 have been writing poems recently, and Mrs Bahan's English class wrote rhyming poems about things they have never seen. Click here to see a selection of some of the excellent work the children did.

Year 3- Healthy Eating Day

Year 3 have had a Healthy Eating Day. The made fruit kebabs and talked about how it was important to eat a wide range of fruits, what fruits we were eating and how we could make our kebab's look appetising. The results were both amazing looking and delicious to eat. Click here for more pictures.

Rise and Shine Big Dance Day

St John's has launched it's Rise and Shine early morning wake up dance routines, with the Rise and Shine Big Dance Day, with daily event's on the school yard before lessons begin. We hope that children will learn the dances and they will join in together with any parents who fancy and early morning ‘wake up’ For some pictures of the Rise and Shine Big Dance day and for links to videos of the dances, please click here. 

Y5 Win LSSP Mini Orange Tennis Tournament

Year 5 recently competed at Wavertree Tennis Club in an LSSP Mini Orange Tennis Competition and won the tournament. Well done to Year 5. For a review of the day by one of our Year 5 pupils and more pictures, please click here to go our LSSP news page.

Y5/6 Aspirations Week

Year 5 and 6 pupils enjoyed two and a half days with Careers Connect, looking at the world of work and careers. Several visitors to the school discussed their career paths, and the children completed a number of different workshops, giving the children a chance to ‘explore’ and perhaps contemplate the future! Please click here to read more. 

Y5 Rainforest Roadshow

Year 5 recently got to experience what life is like in the rainforest when The Rainforest Roadshow visited St John’s. We had an extremely fun and educational day. We had an opportunity to hold a praying mantis, millipede and some stick insects, made tribal necklaces and bracelets This was followed by tribal face painting. We had an amazing day which made our Geography topic of South America come alive. Click here to find out more and see some of the amazing photos.

Y5 Healthy Eating

Year 5 also participated in Healthy Eating Week Theme Day 2015. They made a smoothie, learned how to observe good hygiene when preparing food and about the "Eat Well Plate".  The day was completed with a fitness session. To see and read more about their day, please click here.

Y6 Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Week Theme Day 2015 was extremely successful in Year 6 at St John’s. Year 6 tried new foods, and prepared a tasty fruit salad, and a melon and pineapple smoothie. The end of the day finished with a strenuous fitness session. Click here to see more pictures of Year 6's Healthy Eating day.

Y4 Boys Win EFC Football Tournament

Our Year 4 Football Team competing in a recent LSSP/EFC competition at Everton's new Sixth Form School. They didnt lose a single game and were winners of the tournament. One of the Year 4 pupils wrote about the day. Well done to the Year 4 football team. For more information, written by one of our Year 4 boy's and pictures of the day, please click here. 

For our latest LSSP sports news please click here. 


Weekly Attendance/ Stars Of The Week

St John's latest weekly attendance figures for the week are available here. 

Every week St John's rewards pupils who have achieved excellence throughout the previous week, to find out who became Stars Of The Week, please click here.

Catholic Life - Latest News

We've started to incorporate our R.E news into our Catholic Life area including updates on our fundraising for Cafod, Holy Communion and the Good Shepherd. For the latest R.E News please check it out here. 

BBC Ten Pieces at the Pier Head

Last Friday a group of St John’s children who attend Resonate’s  ‘Let’s Play’  performed together with children from the Gateacre Resonate group for the audience at the Pier Head.

This was part of the ‘BBC’s Ten Pieces’ concerts which were televised for TV in front of a live audience.

Pictures will follow.

Y4 Mayan Day

Year 4 have recently had the privilege of a whole Mayan day experience. The children were excited to experience a visit from ‘Past Productions’. This is a fantastic company who truly brought the Mayan civilization to life for the children to provide an enriching and forgettable experience. During the day, the children explored REAL Mayan artefacts, re-enacted old Maya traditions such as pock-ta-poc and they also tasted authentic Mayan Chocolate. The children made Maya jewellery and constructed Mayan architecture using Lego. Click here for more.

Sun Protection Reminder


As the weather warms up Miss Maudsley has written to all parents and carers reminding them about sun protection.
"Dear Parents/Carers
Can we please remind you to put sun cream on your child and provide him/her with a sun hat (please put child’s name in all hats) as the weather is getting warmer and we spend a great deal of time outdoors.
Could we also draw your attention to putting suitable footwear on your child (no open toed sandals).
Yours sincerely
Miss D Maudsley


Holy Communion 2015/16

Year 4 have recently celebrated their First Holy Communion and Confirmation. It was such a special day, shared with family, friends, teachers, catechist and Father Michael. We were also very lucky that Bishop Tom could share the celebration with year 4. Completing these sacraments is a significant stage in the children’s faith journey, one that they will treasure forever. Click here for some pictures. 

Latest Attendance/Stars Of The Week

St John's latest weekly attendance figures for the week are available here. 

Every week St John's rewards pupils who have achieved excellence throughout the previous week, to find out who became Star's Of The Week, please click here. 

Ian Bland

The poet, Ian Bland recently visited St John's and spent a highly enjoyable and inspirational day, first with a whole school assembly, then working with each year group. The children wrote poetry in varying styles which were then performed at the end of the day to parents and the whole school. Click here for lots of pictures and more information.


Gardening with Mr Gittins

Nursery had a wonderful visit from Mr Gittins to help them with their topic of Growing. He explained about different fruits and vegetables, then it was time to get a little muddy, everyone planted and watered their own sweet pea seeds and transplanted some rhubarb, and potatoes into the raised beds. It will be lovely to watch them grow over the next few weeks. Click here to see more. 

The Lifecycle of a Frog

St John's nursery children have just taken delivery of a tank of frog spawn and will be following their life cycle and development over the next six weeks as they grow into frogs. To see some pictures please click here. 

Year 3 - Trip to the World Museum

Year 4 visited the World Museum in Liverpool recently to support their history topics. They attended a workshop on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, got to handled real artefacts from those periods, ground wheat, wore helmets, touched rocks and currency from Ancient Greece. Please click here to find out more.

Year 4 D & T - Healthy Snacks

This term Year 4 have been looking at healthy snacks in D & T. The children worked in small teams, used various pieces of kitchen equipment and learned how to prepare food hygienically, as well as experiencing food that may have been new to them. Click here to read more. 

Year 3 D & T - Weaving

In the Bronze age, people used weaving skills to make clothing and containers, as part of Year 3's D&T they used weaving to make a container for their easter eggs. Click here to read more. 

Year 3 D & T - Lunchboxes

As part of D& T, Year 3 have been thinking about healthy lunchboxes. They looked at the five main components of food and then thought about food they liked that were in these categories. They decorated their own lunchboxes, then made some sandwiches for their lunchbox. Click here to see more.

St John's Spelling Bee

Mrs O'Connell has organised a Spelling Bee for Years 3 and 4, the rounds will start on the 20th May and the final will be on 22nd May. Any pupils who would like to enter, please speak to your teacher or Mrs O'Donnell. Good luck to everyone who takes part. 

LSSP Sports News - Highland Games Competition

A group of KS2 children took part in the LSSP Highland Games Competition at the North Liverpool Academy. The children had a a fantastic morning, enjoying lots of different events, including the caber, shot putt, weight to distance. 

LSSP Sports News is here. 

Table Tennis Regional Finals

Having recently qualified earlier this year as Liverpool Zone champions, 6 St Johns pupils competed in the LSSP Table Tennis Regional Finals held at the 'Halton Table Tennis Centre of Excellence.'

The team comprising of pupils from years 5 & 6 played brilliantly throughout the day, testing their table tennis skills against eight other Zone winners.

St Johns were defeated only once during the tournament by the eventual winners. Well done to all the pupils who took part.

Please click here for more pictures.

Stay and Read

Thank you to all parents/carers who took part in our recent ‘Stay and Read’ sessions.

The children chose their very first library book to take home and enjoy. Before going up to the library, the children enjoyed reading and playing sound games with their parents/carers.

We received many positive comments from the parents who attended and we will be holding more ‘Stay and Read’ sessions next term, as well as a ‘Stay for Maths’ session.

Please click here to see more pictures. 

St Georges Day

Nursery Pupils celebrating St George's Day

Everyone at St John's celebrated St George's day, our dining hall was transformed with banners, and everyone dressed in red and white for St George's day lunch, and best of all everyone had cake. 

KS1 and 2 Swimming Gala 

We recently sent swimming teams to both the KS1 and the KS2 Liverpool City Swimming Galas at Wavertree Aquatics Centre. In the KS2 Gala our girls won both the medley races, and also won the individual butterfly event, well done the girls. Well done to all the children and we can look forward to next year! 

For more information about this event and other recent sports news, please click here. 

Aspirations Day Year 5 & 6

Year 5 and 6 children spent a day with Career Connect to explore the world of careers. They looked at ‘new’ jobs and careers. The day also involved the children’s parents in coming along to work with their child and to think about the future and a career. The children enjoyed the day, they discovered a lot about the ‘working world’ and now they are thinking about their future even at this young age. Click here for more information.

St Patricks Day

Year 5 celebrated St Patricks Day in style with an assembly for the whole school and parents. They began by telling the story of St Patrick and finished with a grand finale of 8 children in pairs performing a 2 hand reel. Everyone performed amazingly and were able to show off all their hard work. To find out more, please click here.   

Stars of the Week/Weekly Attendance 

St John's latest weekly attendance figures for the week starting 2nd March are available here. 

Every week St John's rewards pupils who have achieved excellence throughout the previous week, to find out who became Star's Of The Week for the week of March 2nd, please click here. 

Y6 Music Group

Year 6 have a weekly music group led by Mr Menezes, this week pupils used the glockenspiel to evidence beats, pulse and rhythm.

For more pictures please click here. 

LSSP Year 4 Football EFC

A team of year 4 boys played in an LSSP football tournament at North Liverpool Academy which is also run in partnership with EFC. The boys played really well and just missed out on a place in the final.

For more pictures please click here.

LSSP Project Ability Day

A group of children from St John's took part in a sporting activity day involving a number of different sports for both girls and boys. The children had fun playing against other schools as they went from one sport to another. A notable feature of the day was that one of our pupils won the table tennis trophy for St John’s.

All the children enjoyed this opportunity and came back to school telling their friends about the day Well done to everyone. 

To see this and any other LSSP news, please click here. 

Community Bobbies

Richie and Jan are two of the local community ‘Bobbies’ who frequent our school, they come into talk to the children about ‘Stranger Danger’ and safety at Halloween and Bonfire Night .

They also on occasion are able to help walk the children to local activities such as the ‘Terriers’ play at the VNC recently.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Ninety children from Year 3 and 4 enjoyed an afternoon at the Philharmonic Hall where Alisdair Malloy and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  The concerts provide an inspirational introduction to classical music for children and for many a first opportunity to experience the Philharmonic hall as a venue.

The orchestra demonstrated to the children the different types of instruments and their sounds and played various pieces. One boy from year 3 told his teacher that he couldn’t wait to tell his mum about it when he gets home.

World Book Day 2015

The whole school celebrated World Book Day on Thursday March 5th by coming to school dressed as a book character. We had popular fairy tale characters such as Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and handsome princes, as well as comic book heroes such as Iron Man and Hulk. There were also a few Dennis the Menaces making mischief in class together with Mad Hatters and pirates!

  All the children came together and  celebrated  in a World Book Day assembly and then took part in book and story related activities throughout the day. A great day was enjoyed by all and  thanks to all parents and carers who contributed their many creative ideas, and helped their children to take part. Click here for more pictures. 

LSSP Gateacre Table Tennis Competition

St John's table tennis club goes from strength to strength. Three of our teams entered the LSSP Table Tennis Competition at Gateacre Comprehensive School playing competitive Table Tennis against other schools. 

It was a great afternoon for the children with one of our teams winning the competition taking them through to the Sainsbury’ s School games Day later in the year.

Well done to all who participated, and Mr and Mr Gittins for their continued enthusiasm running the club. Click here to find out more. 

Valentines Day Disco

The Friends of St John’s once again organised the annual Valentines Disco for the children in the school hall. The DJ entertained the children with some games including the longest ‘Conga’ ever! and there was some excellent solo Michael Jackson dancing. Many thanks to all the Friends of St John's. Please click here to see more pictures. 

Maths Day with Mr Godfrey

The whole of St John's had a visit from Mr Godfrey who introduced his ‘Maths Road Show’ which was an interactive and very entertaining event all about maths. He spent the rest of the day with each year group in turn together with their teachers teaching maths songs which taught key strategies to support their learning.

Please click here to find out more. 

Katies Art Competition

St John's is always looking at ways to reward pupils for excellent achievment. Recently our school cook, Katie organised an art competition for pupils. At the Monday Achievements Assembly Katie brought out her trolley of prizes and rewarded pupils with the best entries, which she and Miss Maudsley presented.

Well done to all those who entered and we look forward to another competition later in the year.

Click here for a few more pictures. 


Year 5 pupils spent two days with the Bikeability Team learning how to ride safely on the roads. the children learned how to pass parked vehicles, approach and deal with junctions and many other manoeuvres. This was a really enjoyable and fun activity for the children which they really enjoyed.  Please click here to read more.

Table Tennis Competition

Years 5 & 6 pupils recently completed in the individual LSSP table tennis competition. All pupils played brilliantly in what was a fantastic day of table tennis. The success of the school was highlighted by one Y5 pupil reaching the semi-final of the U11's boys competition whilst two Y5 girls echoed the success by progressing to the U11's girls semi-final. To see more pictures and find out more, please click here. 

Y2 Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

As part of Year 2's "Materials" topic, they went on a trip to the Catalyst Discovery Centre in Widnes. Many buttons were pushed, wheels turned and a a good day was had by all who went, to read about it please click here. 

Maths Day 

St John’s enjoyed a terrific Maths Day led by Dave Godfrey! The day kicked off with a whole-school Maths-themed Collective Worship, followed by exciting interactive sessions for each year group from Nursery to Year 6. All of the children (and staff) had great fun developing their Maths skills in a valuable and energising way!

Latest Weekly Attendance / Star's Of the Week

Our latest Weekly Attendance figures and Star's of the Week winners are now up on the website.  

Weekly attendance for January 26th please click here.

Weekly attendance for February 2nd please click here.

Star's of the week for January 26th please click here.

Star's of the week for February 2nd please click here. 

Y1 Sudley House

As part of Year 1's history topic "Toys (old and new)" they went on a trip to Sudley House. Read all about their trip here. 

Read For My School

Read for My School is England’s biggest school reading and writing competition, with over 200 000 children from around the country taking part.

All our Key Stage 2 children have been provided with their own log in and password, and now have access to an online library with over 150 titles by top children’s authors. Click here to read more. 

Attendance and Star's Of The Week

There are some updates to St John's attendance figures, for weeks starting 8th December 201415th December 2014 and 12th January 2015. Click on any of the dates to see the figures. 

The latest updates to Star's Of The Week are also up, 8th December 2014 and 12th January 2015.

Y5 Potty About Pottery !

Year 5 pupils have been studying Ancient Greece, and made there own Amphora (the containers that the Ancient Greeks stored liquid in). Click here to see the article. 

Y5 Trip to The World Museum

Year 5 took a trip to the world museum, as an enrichment to their Ancient Greek and Myths and Legends topics in History and Literacy. They took part in three main workshops and didn’t have a minute to stop all day. Click here to see the article and gallery.

Our Local Walk

Year 1 have been for a walk to around their local area. Click here to see how they got on. 

Unicorns, Reindeers, and Elves

If Christmas already seems but a distant memory, remind yourself with Nurserys trip to Greenacres Animal Farm. It was just before Christmas, so Santa, his elves, reindeers, and even a unicorn were all in residence. The children met lots of animals, and Santa in his Grotto. Have a look at the article here.  

Nursery also had a Christmas Sing-A-Long, and some pictures are up here. 

Stars Of The Week / Weekly Attendance

The first Star's of the week and weekly attendance figures for 2015 are now up on the site. 

To see the weekly attendance for the week starting 5th January please click here. 

To see who were the Stars of the Week for the week starting 5th January please click here. 

St John's Matball Team LSSP Winners 

Year 2 pupils recently represented our school in the LSSP Matball competition. The team won three out of their four games, which made them joint top.

St John’s were winners overall,  with a goal difference of +22 goals, which was an amazing achievement as the closest team had a goal difference of  +6. All the children received a certificate and medal.

The children really enjoyed their opportunity and now represent North Liverpool in the LSSP Liverpool Final later on in the term. 

 For more information please check out our Liverpool Sports Partnership News page here.

S F Said

Key Stage Two recently enjoyed a visit from the author SF Said. SF spent sessions with all the KS2 year groups where he talked about the process of writing a novel and the books he has written. It was a fantastic afternoon and we’d like to thank SF for taking the time out of his schedule to come. For more pictures and information please click here. 

Y5 Carol Singing at Abbeydale and Manor Lodge Nursing Home

Carol Singing at Abbeydale and Manor Lodge Nursing Home

In the lead up to Christmas some of us forget what it’s really about so we went to visit the local nursing home to sing some carols to the elderly to spread the Christmas spirit. We were lucky to have Ms Blackledge with us who led us on guitar. We really enjoyed our visit and stayed afterwards to have a little chat with them all. Have a look at the pictures here.

Reception - Santa At Greenacres Farm

Reception pupils enjoyed their trip to Greenacres Farm Park. They watched the Santa parade, went on a tractor ride, and then met Santa ! To see more pictures please click here. 

LSSP Sports Update - Y4 Win Hockey Competition 

 Year 4 proudly showing off their  Hockey Competition winners Medals

St John's partner with LSSP, the Liverpool Schools Sports Partnership for many of our sporting activities. St John's recently competed in a HockeyWater Polo, and New Age Kurling competitions. Year 4 won their hockey competition and are through to the City finals.

We now have an LSSP Sports page for recent events, find out more here.

Y5/6 Terriers

Year 5 and 6 children attended the ‘Gordon’, the local community centre last week to watch a live performance of ‘Terriers’ a hard hitting anti social drama about life on the streets performed previously at the Royal Court Theatre. The children enjoyed the performance and had an opportunity to meet the actors and ask questions afterwards about the story and their acting.

As the children left they all received a selection box from the centre.

David Wilson Homes

We continue to develop our community links with David Wilson Homes who donated some high visibility vests and reflective wrist bands as part of ‘Road Safety’ week to St John’s this week. The bands were given out at the gate one to children as they arrived at school while the vests will be used when children go out on educational visits.

A professional photographer came to take pictures of a group children wearing the vests and bands it really was a ‘fun’ photo shoot! Have a look at the article and gallery here.

Dance Club Christmas Show 

This year we had our Christmas Show on Saturday in the school hall, again it was an amazing success with around 250 family members coming to watch. Nearly 70 children took part in the performances from KS1 and KS2 and our new group of Reception children. It is fantastic to see such support and to see the children enjoying the opportunity to perform. 
We have have photos of the awards and videos of "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree", "Jingle Bells", "Do You Want To Build A Snowman", and "Mama Mia", to have a look head towards the Dance Club section here.

Healthy Schools Award 2013-2017

Mr Stephen Tiffany Local Authority) came to school today to present the school with its ‘Healthy Schools Award’.

This is a national award for schools who promote its four themes; Personal, Social and Health education - Healthy eating – Physical activity – Emotional health and well being, including bullying.

Each theme includes a number of criteria that we had to fulfil in order to achieve National Healthy School Status. The award represents the achievements the school and its pupils have made in promoting a healthier life style.

Mr Tiffany was pleased to see how many children take part in extra curricula sports / physical activity sessions and represent the school in sports competitions.

Spring Term School Dinner Menu

If you would like to see what is on the Spring School Dinner Menu then please click here.

(It's also in Parent Information > School Meals)  

KS1 Christmas Dinner

There was much Christmas cracker joke telling at the KS1 Christmas dinner, click here to see the pictures. 

Y4 Romans

Year 4 ventured to the Dewar Experience in Chester to find out more about the Romans. Click here to see all the photos. 

Y4 Roman Day

Year 4 have been finding out how the Romans used to live, and even built their very own Roman building. Have a look at the pictures here.

Reception Nativity Play

Reception pupils have just performed their Nativity Play "Shine Star, Shine !"

To see some pictures click here. 

Food Information Regulations

New Food Regulations come into force on the 13th December 2014. The E.U has listed 14 allergens that need to be identified if they are used in a dish. If you have any concerns regarding any allergen issues, please check this out here. 

Mud Kitchen

Reception have recently created a Mud Kitchen in their Outdoor Area. If you would like to discover the value of a Mud Kitchen, and the reasons for setting one up, and what the children gain from it, please click here. 

Year 1 visit the Walker Art Gallery

Last week, Year 1 had a wonderful visit to the Walker Art Gallery, Mrs Taylor, organised for Year 1 to learn more about Portraits. Click here to find out more.  


The Y5/6 basketball team went to play an LSSP organised Basketball tournament at Archbishop Beck. The team played very well, missing out on a place in the final by one basket. 

Click here to find out more. 

Outdoor fun in the Nursery

Even when the weather isnt at its best, there is still plenty of fun going on exploring the Nursery play areas. Click here to check out the pictures. 

Baking in the Nursery

The Nursery have added pictures of some of their recent baking sessions.

Click here to see the pictures. 

Messy Play in the Nursery

The Nursery have added pictures of their Messy Play sessions. Messy play is a fun and exciting way for sensory exploration, helping children build their vocabulary and confidence in communication skills.

Click here to see the pictures. 

Greek Day

Year 5 travelled back in time to Ancient Greek civilisation as part of Greek Day at St Johns, when they impressively worked together to build a Greek Temple. In the afternoon, the children became murder mystery investigators when they had to solve an Ancient Greek Murder Mystery. To find out more, please click here. 

Horror Stories

In English, the year 6 children have been writing short horror stories. They have selected a few for you to read and they hope you enjoy reading them, as much as they enjoyed writing them. If you are feeling brave click here. 

Stars Of The Week

St John's firmly believes in rewarding achievement, and to that aim, every week a pupil from each class with the highest number of achievements is rewarded by being named Star Of The Week. The latest Stars Of The Week are now up on the website. 

To see who were the Stars of the week for 20th October 2014 please click here.

To see who were the Stars of the week for 3rd November 2014 please click here.

To see who were the Stars of the week for 10th November 2014 please click here.

Weekly Attendance

St John's latest weekly attendance figures are up. 

For October 20th please click here

For November 3rd, please click here.

For November 10th, please click here.


St John's September - October 2014 Newsletter is now up on the website. It can be downloaded at the bottom of this page, or if you would like to look at on the web, please click here

St John's Eco Council

St John's pupils have just elected their first Eco Council. The elected council is made up of two pupils from Years 1-6  and their remit covers energy saving, recycling, healthy living, biodiversity, litter, transport, water usage, global issues, being more green and getting pupils involved with our eco issues. To read more click here. 

St John's 2014 Halloween Party

St John's 2014 Halloween Party was horribly successful. Well done to everyone who made such a fantastic effort, without which we wouldnt be able to show you these ghoulish galleries of roguish horror.

Click here to see some KS2 little monsters. 

Click here to see some KS1 little monsters. 

Y1 Roald Dahl Day

It's fifty years since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was published, and it was Roald Dahl's birthday quite recently. To celebrate both, Year 1 had a Roald Dahl day. Pupils, designed their own Oompa Loompas, their own Wonka Bars, took part in a Goldent Ticket number hunt and read some of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Have a look at the pictures here. 

Latest Attendance Figures

St John's latest weekly attendance figures for the week of October 13th are up. To see them please click here.  

Star's Of The Week for October 13thSt John's firmly believes in rewarding achievement, and to that aim, every week a pupil from each class with the highest number of achievements is rewarded by being named Star Of The Week.

The latest Star's of St John's are now available for 13th October 2014. 

For all of our Stars of the Week click here.

Y4 Science

This term Year 4 have carried out scientific investigations on the effects different liquids have on our teeth and how the digestive system works. The digestive system investigation was very messy but the children certainly enjoyed it!  Click here to see how it all went.

Y2 Gymnastics Team Take Bronze

St John's Year 2 Gymnastics team claimed Bronze at an LSSP Gymnastics competition at Lister Drive Primary School. The children performed brilliantly, for more pictures click here.

School Meal Menus For Autumn Term

St John's School Chef has just finalised the School Meals menu for the second half of the Autumn Term.

If your curious about whats coming up, have a look at the menus in our school meals section here.  

School Nurse Dropin Sessions For Parents

St John's has arranged drop in sessions with the school nurse. If you would like to talk to the school nurse in confidence about any issues or some advice the drop in dates are below. 

Drop In Dates 

10/11/14 9.00-10.00

01/12/14 9.00-10.00

12/01/15 9.00-10.00

02/02/15 9.00-10.00

02/03/15 9.00-10.00

Bonfire Night Theme Day   

St John's next themed day dinner will be on Wednesday November 5th, Bonfire Night. Items on the menu will be Bangers and Mash, Quorn Chilli and Rice, Jacket Potatoes, Baked Beans, Pinwheel Cookies, Strawberry Milkshake, enough to keep any Autumn chills at bay.  

Details of upcoming Theme Day menus are here

Weekly Attendance for 29th September and 6th October

Good attendance is vital for pupil progress, our latest figures are up, click below to see them. 

St John's Weekly Attendance figures for the week of the 29th of September are available here.

St John's Weekly Attendance figures for the week of the 6nd of October are available here.

Star's Of The Week for 29th September and 6th October

St John's firmly believes in rewarding achievement, and to that aim, every week a pupil from each class with the highest number of achievements is rewarded by being named Star Of The Week.

The latest Star's of St John's are now available for 6th October

5N-Rebecca and Emily

and 29th September

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Stars Of The Week for 15th and 22nd September

St John's firmly believes in rewarding achievement, and to that aim, every week a pupil from each class with the highest number of achievements is rewarded by being named Star Of The Week.
Our Star's of the Week for the 15th September were :- 
1B-Millie and Harvey
Our Star's of the Week for the 22nd September were :- 
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Weekly Attendance 15th and 22nd September 2014


Good attendance is vital for pupil progress, our latest figures are up, click below to see them. 

St John's Weekly Attendance figures for the week of the 15th of September are available here.

St John's Weekly Attendance figures for the week of the 22nd of September are available here.

American Theme Day Thursday 2nd October 2014


It's St John's first theme day, American Day Themed Lunch on Thursday 2nd October 2014. Children are welcome to wear a suitable American themed outfit or just come in their own clothes. There will be hotdogs, french fries, beans, salads, cookies and milk shake. It would be lovely to see everyone. 

Superhero Day

Just occasionally everyone could do with the help of a Superhero, last week the school was over run during Year 2's Superhero Day. To see how it turned out, click here. 

Weekly Attendance for 8th September 2014

St John's second week of Attendance Figures and our Weekly Attendance Raffle Winners are now available here.

To see all of our attendance figures check out the attendance section here. 

Stars of the Week for 8th September 

St John's firmly believes in rewarding achievement, and to that aim, every week a pupil from each class with the highest number of achievements is rewarded by being named Star Of The Week.

Our Star's of the Week for our second week back, were :- 


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Weekly Attendance for 2nd Septemer 2014 

Good attendance is vital for pupil progress, St John's first week Attendance Figures and Weekly Attendance Raffle Winners are now available here.

To see all of our attendance figures check out the attendance section here. 

Stars Of The Week for September 2nd 2014


St John's firmly believes in rewarding achievement, and to that aim, every week a pupil from each class with the highest number of achievements is rewarded by being named Star Of The Week. Our Star's of the Week for our first week back, were :- 

1B-     Faye
1M-     Chanai
2C-     Tia
2D-     Anthony
3B-     LouisGB-
4B-     Reegan
4M–     Jamie
5N-     Luke
5S-     Jack
6B-     Amy
6OC-   Tilly

To find out who were previous winners of Star's of The Week have a look in our Achievements section here

School Term Dates 2014/2015

St John's School Term dates for 2014/2015 are now on our website calendar. 

A crib sheet is available to download/print on the bottom of the Parent Information page here. 

Or click here for School Term Dates 2014/2015

Year 2 - Trip to Windmill Farm

Year 2, visited Windmill animal farm in Burscough. They explored the farm on a mini train adventure, learned about the different animals, as well as being given the opportunity to feed them.

They also had time to play on both the indoor and outdoor adventure play areas. Everyone had a fantastic day!

To see Class 2Ds pictures of the day click here.

To see Class 2Cs pictures of the day click here. 

St John's Football Team Wins Highway Cup

St John's would like to congratulate our boys Football Team on their recent success. 

They won the Highway Cup which runs throughout the season which is the schools equivalent to the F.A Cup.

Year 5 Action For Achievement Award

One of St John's Year 5 pupils recently received an Action for Achievement award for playing the part of May in "The Ghost of Kirkdale" a poignant story set in Liverpool in Victorian Times. She brought her trophy into school to show her teachers and classmates. 

Year 5 - Safari Park

Year 5 visited Knowsley Safari Park for their end of year trip. On a lovely sunny day they enjoyed a guided tour of the park, a sea-lion show, a picnic and some even had a go at some of the rides at the funfair. To read and see all of the pictures, click here. 

Year 2 - Trip to Windmill Farm

Year 2, visited Windmill animal farm in Burscough. They explored the farm on a mini train adventure, learned about the different animals, as well as being given the opportunity to feed them.

They also had time to play on both the indoor and outdoor adventure play areas. Everyone had a fantastic day!

To see Class 2Ds pictures of the day click here.

To see Class 2Cs pictures of the day click here. 

St John's Football Team Wins Highway Cup

St John's would like to congratulate our boys Football Team on their recent success. 

They won the Highway Cup which runs throughout the season which is the schools equivalent to the F.A Cup.

Year 5 Action For Achievement Award

One of St John's Year 5 pupils recently received an Action for Achievement award for playing the part of May in "The Ghost of Kirkdale" a poignant story set in Liverpool in Victorian Times. She brought her trophy into school to show her teachers and classmates. 

Year 5 - Safari Park

Year 5 visited Knowsley Safari Park for their end of year trip. On a lovely sunny day they enjoyed a guided tour of the park, a sea-lion show, a picnic and some even had a go at some of the rides at the funfair. To read and see all of the pictures, click here. 

Our Reading Stairs

The children returned to school in June, to find that the stairs leading up to our library are now book-themed, showing just a few of the children's favourite titles. They have become quite a talking point with the children, staff and visitors to the school.

Don't forget to check out our reading section here.

City Of Readers

Liverpool City of Readers

If your looking for something to read over the summer holidays, then there is a a totally unique reading opportunity. The author Frank Cottrell Boyce is writing a completely free online serial "The Menlove Treasure". 

The first chapter went online on July 21st, and the rest of the serial will be gradually revealed until the final chapter in December. 

Please visit this website or click on the logo above.

Aboriginal Art

Year 1 recently recreated some Aboriginal Art. To see the messy fun, click here. 

Fruit Salad

After reading "Handa's Surprise" Year 1 pupils were inspired to design, make and eat, their own fruit salads. They even created their own "fruit faces" just like the famous artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo. To read more click here. 

Year 1 Blue Planet Aquarium Trip

Year 1 recently had a lovely day out to the Blue Planet Aquarium in Ellesmere Port. Pupils got close up to sharks, touched a live starfish, and saw the rays getting fed. Click here for more pictures. 

Nursery Graduation

Nursery pupils celebrated their year with a graduation ceremony, check out the pictures here. 

St John's Awarded Reading Quality Mark

St John's has been awarded the Reading Quality Mark. This is awarded to schools which demonstrate a culture in which all pupil's are encouraged to read for pleasure, and in which reading is given a high profile. St John's demonstrated our committment to providing reading opportunities for all our children, including our wonderful library, class libraries, visiting author's and book club's to name but a few. 

To read more about the award ceremony at Liverpool Central Library, and pictures please click here. 

Year 5 Reading - A World Cup Adventure

Year 5 spent the past six weeks on the edge of their seats, as they read the very exciting; ‘Foul Play: Brazil - A World Cup adventure story’ written by Tom Palmer. 

Every week day during World Cup, author Tom Palmer wrote a new chapter of his story Foul Play: Brazil. Children then received a certificate of achievement sent to them by Tom himself thanking them for following Foul Play; Brazil. 

Click here to find out more.

Summer Dance Show 

St John's Summer Dance Show was a roaring success. Key Stage 1 & 2 Dance Clubs, and the Boy's Street Dance club entertained parent's  with an evening of dazzling entertainment as they performed their latest routines.

To find out more, watch the videos, and see the pictures, please click here.

Industrial Action

Dear Parents and Carers, Just a quick reminder that Thursday 10th July  school will be closed due to Industrial Action. This is a one day strike only and school will re-open as usual on Friday 11th July at 8:55am.

St John's Sports Day

Well as we write this the World Cup is just about still on and Wimbledon has just finished, but the other great annual sporting occasion has recently occurred - St John's Sports Day.

In the morning Key Stage 1 pupils competed, and in the afternoon, Key Stage 2 pupils. It was a lovely day and everyone competed in such classics as the Egg and Spoon race, the sack race, the skipping race and the grand finale the Staff Vs Parent's tug of war.

Well done to everyone who took part, pupils, parent's and staff.

If it's a few years since you competed in the Egg and Spoon race, check out the pictures and see that it's not that easy keeping that egg on that spoon!

To see the Key Stage 1 picture gallery click here.
To see the Key Stage 2 picture gallery click here.  

Great News About Art At St John's

This year children from Year 2 entered the Browne Jacobson Art Competition. The children had to create a picture to show where we will all be living in 2100. They came up with lots of wonderful ideas and images which were then sent off to be judged. We were excited and proud to find out that a pupil from 2D had been shortlisted and asked to attend the award ceremony in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. They attended the ceremony and enjoyed looking at all the other pictures. His picture did not win a prize, but getting down to the final few out of hundreds of entrants was an amazing achievement. Well done! Our pupil was awarded a school art prize in recognition of his wonderful achievement. 

For more information about the Art Group click here.

More Excellent News About Art At St John's

This term some of the children from year 2 and 3 entered pieces of art into the Liverpool RSPCA Art Competition. The topic for the competition was birds and animals. We were allowed to enter six pieces of work into the Liverpool wide art competition and we are extremely pleased to announce that one of our Year 3 children, was awarded with a Very Highly Commended prize. Well done !

They were then asked to attend an award ceremony on Thursday 22nd May. She attended the award ceremony with her Mum, Grandad and Mrs Taylor where she received her prize from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. 

For more information about the art group click here. 

Girls Football Year 1 and 2 

The Bluecoat School recently ran a football afternoon, our Year 1 and 2 football team took part. They practiced various football skills and played a couple of friendlies. Everyone had a fantastic afternoon, were very well behaved and were a credit to St John's.

Swimming Gala KS1

Year 1 and 2 children enjoyed a morning at Wavertree Aquatics Centre at the very first KS1 Swimming Gala. The children took part in some fun events which allowed non-swimmers to take part as well as swimmers. The children were accompanied by the staff and their parents encouraging them to compte and do their best. This was a very successful event and we look forward to being involved next year. 

Inspirational People Week 2014

St John's recently celebrated Inspirational People Week, inviting inspirational people who have a connection with St John's school or Kirkdale. Visitors this year were the famous boxing "Smith Brothers", Mr Quinn from British Aerospace, Jackie Johnson Lynch, winner of the Social Entrepreneur Award 2013. Mrs Caldwell, a paramedic, and our final guest was Bob Gittins, our Chair of Governors ex Chief Inspector with Merseyside police. The "Inspirational Week" has been a great success, read about it here. 

Activity Week Is Approaching

Activity week for Year 6 is fast approaching, the final dates for everything are :-

Monday 7th July Active Adventures at Otterspool. Packed Lunch Required; no glass bottles please

Tuesday 8th July Mcdonald's Breakfast followed by Giant Inflatable/Rounders. Party and Film in the afternoon. 

Wednesday 9th July Canoeing and Bootcamp. 

Thursday 10th July Mini Sports Day in school in the morning, followed by McDonalds lunch and activities in Stanley Park in the afternoon.

Friday 11th July Splash World - All Day - Swimwear (Swimming caps not required) and packed lunch required, no glass bottles please. 

Everyday we will arrive back at school for 3.15pm.

There is a slight amendment to our letter, as on Friday pupils will return at 3.15pm NOT at 4.30pm as stated in our letter to parents and carers. 

Latest Attendance Figures

Good attendance is so vital for pupil progress, St John's latest attendance figures are now available. To see the weekly attendance and weekly attendance raffle winners for the 9th June please click here, and for 16th June, please click here. 

Year 4 Go To Military School

St John's was recently visited by The UK Military School, they came to put our Year 4 pupils through a series of Bushtucker trials to promote teamwork and problem solving. The Year 4 troops had to build shelters, survive an assault course and learn how to problem solve and survive using the materials they had at hand. A fantastic day was had by all. Click here to find out more. 

Star's Of The Week

St John's firmly believes in rewarding achievement, and to that aim, every week a pupil from each class with the highest number of achievements is rewarded by being named Star Of The Week.

The latest two weeks are up.To find out who were the Star's of The Week for June 9th click here, and for June 16th please click here.  

Damian Harvey

The whole of St John's enjoyed a visit by the author Damian Harvey. He told some of his stories with the help of St John's pupils and talked the children through the process of writing a book, from the ideas stage, through to the actual publication. Click here to see more pictures and learn more about his visit. 

Y6 The Science of Bread

As part of their Science topic, Miss Boyle's Year 6 class recently investigated the science behind bread making. They investigated the conditions needed to grow yeast. Much scientific research was conducted, and pupils and parents also got to sample the finished bread with some jam and chocolate spread. To read more please click here.    

Stars Of The Week Winners 

St John's believes in rewarding achievement. The Star's Of The Week awards are given to a pupil in each class who has achieved the most that week. 

The winners for the week ending 23rd May 2014 were-

Well done everybody, keep up the good work !

Latest Weekly Attendance Figures

Attendance at school is very important for our pupil's learning outcomes, the government sets a minimum target of 95%. Our latest attendance figures are up.

For the week ending 23rd May our class attendance winners for Key Stage 1, Class 1m highest with 97%, and for Key Stage 2 had dual winners with 97.5% were classes 3B and 4B. Well done to those classes. 

Check out the weekly attendance figures here. 

Y5 The Perfect Chocolate Brownie

At the end of the Spring Term, Miss Sheridan's literacy group were rewarded with a morning of cookery, where they made the Perfect Chocolate Brownie. After all their hard work, they put their writing skills to good use by writing a recipe for the Perfect Chocolate Brownie. Click here to see how they got on. 

St John's Take 4th Place at the Liverpool Cup

St John's Girls football team reached the finals of the Liverpool Cup played at Anfield. They secured 4th place from a competition including over 200 teams, and 1100 players. A big thank-you to the many parents and teachers who came to support our team, and an even applause to the Girl's football team for getting to the final. Click here to read all about it.  

Winston and Cutie take a Trip to Anfield

Winston and Cutie are Querks who have lived in the nursery since they hatched out of their eggs. Both of them recently went with the St John's Girls Football Team to the Liverpool Cup final at Anfield. They had never been before and had a great time even making a new friend in Mighty Red..... Click here for more.

Mr Croxton Retires After 25 Years At St John's 

After 25 years of keeping St John's together, Mr Croxton our Site Manager is retiring today. As way of tribute, pupils devoted this mornings assembly to Mr Croxton. In "A day in the life of Mr Croxton" pupils played every member of staff and Mr Croxton. They then acted out his day as  Mr Croxton coped with the many demands placed on him, always as ever with a smile on his face.

Have a wonderful retirement Mr Croxton, from everyone at St John's.

Click here for more pictures.

Star's Of The Week

St John's likes to reward pupils for excellence in behaviour and work. Every week pupils from each class with the best behaviour and work are named as Star's Of The Week. The latest winners are up on the website in the Achievements section, here.


The latest attendance figures are up, for the week of 23rd April 2014. The government sets an attendance target of 95 % and five of our classes managed an excellent 100% attendance, well done !

The attendance figures, and weekly attendance winners are here. 

Community Planting Project

A group of our children took part in a Community Planting Project over the road from school in Sandheys Close / Archer Close. The children enjoyed an afternoon with Irene Poole from Local Neighbourhood Services who invited the children to take part. Together with local councillor Beatrice Fraenkel and the city gardeners the children planted some new raised flower beds. Click here to see how the day turned out. 

Year 5 - Making Playscripts

Mrs Newtons Year 5 English group have been reading, writing and performing humorous playscripts in front of Year's 3 and 4. Everybody was very impressed with how confident they performed. Click here for pictures and video of the day. 

World Book Day

We recently celebrated World Book Day, by coming to school dressed in pyjamas ready for a bedtime story ! A great day was had by all, and we all went home having read some fantastic stories. Click here to see all the pictures.

Year 2 Dance Night with Miss Hartley

Year 2 children have been enjoying their dance lessons with Miss Hartley, a specialist dance teacher from Notre Dame. She has been teaching one class an African Dance while the other class has learned an Indian Dance. Parent's and visitors came to watch the children perform at the end of their time with Miss Hartley. Click here to read and see more. 

KS2 Easter Egg Decorating Competition

As part of St John's Easter celebrations, the annual KS2 Easter Egg Decorating contest took place. It had, as always a phenomenal response, and the pictures are now up in the gallery. Click here to have a look here at all your amazing work. 

Year 6 Go Bowling

Year 6 pupils took a well earned break from their SAT's preparation, and had a day out at Edge Lane bowling. Much fun and many strikes were had by all who went. Check out the pictures here. 

St John's Girls Football Team reach Anfield Final

St John's girl's football team played brilliantly in the LFC tournament to reach the final at Anfield. The competition was fierce, with many teams in the competition capable of winning the tournament outright. The girl's drew in the semi final 0-0, and it took an amazing stand out performance from our goalkeeper to win on penalties. Next stop is the final at Anfield. More pictures here. 

Boys Football Team reach Highway Cup Final

The boy's football team have reached the Highway Cup Final. They played a very strong St Cuthbert's side in a what was a thrilling semi final. With 7 minutes to go our boy's were losing 3-1, but in the last few minutes, scored two more to level the match 3-3, they then won the penalty shootout. 

We Love Books !

Following the success of our recent Book Fair, we launched a competition for all children to submit a ‘selfie’ showing themselves reading their favourite book.  We challenged the children to come up with unusual places to enjoy a book, and we found that the children of St John’s certainly enjoy reading in weird and wonderful places! Click here to see the photos.

Easter Bingo and Easter Bonnet Parade

Not only is it American Day on Friday 4th April, the Friends of St John's will be running Easter Bingo and the Easter Bonnet parade at 1.30pm. The hamper above, and several like it could be yours if your lucky enough to get a Full House, so do come along. 

Liverpool Aquatics Centre Swimming Competition

Liverpool Aquatics Centre was the venue for a multi school swimming competition. Years 5 and 6 went to compete and they performed brilliantly.

The boys finished overall in 5th and the girls finished in 3rd place, only just missing out on the finals. 

St John's Weekly Attendance

Good school attendance is very important to our children's education. St John's publishes all of its weekly attendance on the website, and the latest two weeks, March 17th and March 24th are available in the weekly attendance section here. 

To see the weekly attendance for 17th March 2014 click here. 

To see the weekly attendance for 24th March 2014 click here.

Who are the Star's Of the Week?

Every week pupils in each class are rewarded for examples of good behaviour, at the end of the week whoever has the most rewards becomes a "Star Of The Week".

The latest winners are now up !

Click here to see the Star's Of The Week for 17th March 2014

Click here to see the Star's Of The Week for 24th March 2014 

Summer School Dinner Menu 2014

The summer school dinner menu is now available, if you would like to see whats to eat and when, have a look at our School Dinner page with the latest menu here. 

To view a copy of the menu and/or download it click here. 

American Day 4th April

St John's next theme day is American Day on the 4th April. Katy our school chef has again arranged an American themed lunch. Hot dogs, turkey burgers, fries, and bbq beans, with homemade cookies and milk are all on the menu. Which should keep any cowboy going until the end of the school day. To see the menu click here.

Details of all St John's theme days, and downloadable flyers are here. 


Year 5 pupils took part in a two day Bikeability Course teaching the children to ride a bike safely. They spent time on the yard developing basic skills in managing their bike such as standing correctly and manoeuvring around cones etc. They were then taken out to develop these skills on the road, learning how to pass parked cars and negotiate a give way junction. This was a valuable activity to help keep our children safe and which was enjoyed by the children.

Year 2 Blog

Year 2 have embraced the information superhighway and started their own blog, their first blog post is on the recent Sports Relief day, and you can read it here. 

Reception have also been blogging, for a few months now, and if you want to check out their blog, click here. 

Year 3 - Trip to Liverpool Museum

The pictures from Year 3's trip to Liverpool Museum are now up here. 

Girls Football Club - Everton FC Stadium Tour

St John's Girls Football Club went on a stadium tour of Goodison Park, which they had won in a football tournament. Everybody had a great time, and also learnt a lot about the history of Everton F.C. Click here for more pictures. 

Football Team Through To Semi-Finals of the North Liverpool Highway Cup

The boys football team played the Quarter Final of the North Liverpool Highway Cup. The game finished 0-0, but they won on penalties, after our goal keeper saved every penalty, putting us through to the semi-finals. 

Year 5 - St Patrick's Day Dance 2014

St John's celebrated St Patrick's day with another of our themed days. To finish the day off, Miss Sheridan bravely taught our Year 5 pupils an Irish dance, it was a complicated dance with many different moves but after some practice Year 5 successfully learnt all the moves, have a look at the pictures here. 

International World Book Day 2014 

St John's recently celebrated International World Book Day 2014. Everyone dressed in pyjamas and brought their favourite bedtime story books to school. During the day we wrote book reviews, read and made book marks. Have a look at the pictures of the day here. 

Stars of the Week / Weekly Attendance 

The latest Stars of St John's Week are up here. and the latest weekly attendance figures are up here. 

Year 2 Win LSSP/ EFC Football Tournament

Our Year 2 boys triumphed this week winning this prestigious competition run by Everton FC. Having got to the semi finals the game went to penalties. Year 2's goalkeeper saved every shot and helped send the team through to the final, where they won 4-1. 

It is a brilliant team effort as every outfield player scored a goal. Congratulations and well done to our team. 

 St John's win LSSP Hockey Tournament 2014 Area Finals

Having won the local finals of the Hockey Tournament the team went on to win the area finals last Monday. They are unbeaten in both events and now look forward to representing Liverpool in the Merseyside Finals later in the term. Congratulations and well done to our team. 

Year 2 Trip to the Catylyst Museum

Year 2 have also been out and about, and recently took a trip to the Catylyst Museum, an interactive science centre in Widnes, the gallery of their adventures is now up here. 

Year 5 Liverpool's World Museum Trip

As part of their Science and History topics, Year 5 went for a trip to Liverpool's World Museum. To read all about it and have a look at over 80 pictures of their fact finding day out, click here.

Y5 LSSP Hockey Tournament 

Two teams from Year 6 and Year 5 competed in the LSSP/Quicksticks Hockey tournament. Our  Year 5 team were semi-finalists while the Year 6 team won the tournament for 2014. Congratulations to both teams for all their hard work. Please have a look at the gallery here.

Year 1 Trips/Cafod/Sudley Hall/Gymnastics

Year 1 have posted a round up of some of the things they have been up to recently; a trip to Sudley Hall, their magnificent efforts to raise money for Cafod by competing in a Santa Dash, a build-a-bear workshop, Christmas puppets, and Gymnastics. Please take a look by clicking here. 

Mad Scientist's Take Over St John's

St John's was once again invaded by the Mad Science team, this time with hair raising results. To see what the incredibly popular science team entertained everyone with this time, take a look at the photo gallery here.  

LSSP Dance Festival 2014

Both our KS1 and KS2 dance teams recently entered the LSSP Dance Festival. They showcased their dances learnt over the last few months, with both teams performing magnificently.

All of pupils would like to thank Emma Warrington and Abbie Austin who worked very hard to get  their dance routines, with the theme ‘At the Movies.’ ready.

To see the videos and pictures, check out the Dance Club's page of the night here. 

Art Club 

Another of St John's after school clubs, the Art Club have just added an article on what they studied in the second half of the Autumn term. If you'd like to find out more about Henri Rousseau and see some of our pupil's artwork, click here.  

Year 2 Cookery Club

St John's runs many after school clubs, one of them, Year 2's Cookery Club runs after school on Tuesdays. It's an excellent place to practice your cookery skills, and try out new food. Recent things on the menu have included Chinese Stir Fry, and a Non-Meat Spaghetti Bolognese. The club page is now up with a link here.

If your interested in any of St John's after school clubs click here for the Club's page. 

Chinese New Year 2014

Our Chinese New Year themed day was such a success with many pupils sampling Chinese cuisine for the first time, there is a new article up in our PHSE section describing the day and its aims here.  

For more information about the aims of PHSE/SEAL please check out here. 

For the full gallery of pictures from the day click here

Rewarding Achievement - Stars Of the Week 

Good attendance is so very important for every school and for every pupil. So every week at St John's we try to reward excellence by entering all pupils with a 100% attendance record  into a weekly raffle.

To see who has been winning our  "Stars of the Week" in January please click here.   

Weekly Attendance 

The weekly attendance for January 17th, 24th, 31st 2014 has just been uploaded, have a look in our weekly attendance section here. 

Spring Term Calendar Updates


The latest Spring Term Calendar is now available on the web site. It can be downloaded at the bottom of the Parents Information Page or you can view it by clicking here.

All of St John's dates are always on the Upcoming Events page if you ever need to check a date. 

Indoor Athletics Competition

Mr Williams and Mrs Melia took a group of KS2 pupils, sixteen boys and girls to an indoor athletics tournament held at Cardinal Heenan College. The children took part in relay races, an obstacle race and individual sprint races. There were also different jump activities; standing jumps, triple jumps and long jumps, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. 

Morgan and Courtney won their individual sprint races and also proved to be great long jumpers. Shea was the fastest sprinter on the day, a real Yusain Bolt. Lucy showed how much stamina she has while Morgan surprised himself with his running ability after doubting in the trials. 

Well done to all our children who took part, a great occasion to show off their athletic ability. 

St John's Theme Days

As part of St John's committment to the aims of PHSE/SEAL and after our successful Chinese New Year themed day, there will be several more "Theme Days" throughtout the year. The dates are detailed in the Parent Info section here and are now on the school calendar here.  

If you would like to read more about the aims of PHSE/SEAL please click here. 

Chinese New Year

St John's celebrated Chinese New Year with a Chinese themed day including Chinese lunch menu. Much fun was had by all, click here to see the photo gallery.  

Year 6 Win LSSP Quicksticks / Hockey Tournament

Two teams from Year 6 and Year 5 competed in the LSSP/Quicksticks Hockey tournament. Our  Year 5 team were semi-finalists while the Year 6 team won the tournament for 2014. Congratulations to both teams for all their hard work. Click here to see the article and gallery of photos. 

Year 5 - Storytelling

Year 5 have been practising reading and writing stories from other cultures. After the practising they travelled to Year 3 and read their story there. Click here to find out how they got along. 

Thursday Art Club

The Thursday Art Club have a lovely article showing off some of their hard work from the first Autumn term, inspired by the artist Paul Horton. The stunning results can be seen here.

St John's Plant a Forest

Year 5 pupils, with support from the Forestry Commision, helped start a new forest over at the Nursery, after much hard work, and digging and planting, many saplings were planted. Check out the article here.

Educate Awards 2013 Available Online

St John's was extremely proud to be awarded "The Most Inspirational School" award at the recent Educate Awards. The January edition of the Educate Magazine, with pictures from the awards ceremony is now available online here. 

Nursery trip to Greenacres Farm 

Just before Christmas Nursery pupils travelled to Greenacres Farm, they met many animals including Santa's Reindeer and then they met ..... Santa. It was a lovely trip and everyone enjoyed themselves. The pictures are up in the Gallery

Click here to see the Greenacres Farm Morning visit.

Click here to see the Greenacres Farm Afternoon visit. 

The Teddy Bear Hospital

Nursery pupils recently had their annual visit from the Teddy Bear Doctors. The Doctors helped the children learn how to stay healthy, eat healthy foods, and the importance of brushing your teeth. Pupils had great fun dressing up as Doctors and learnt how to check their teddy bear hearts with a stethoscope, and how to bandage any teddy sore's and broken teddy limbs.

Click here for the link to the article and gallery.  

Reading in Nursery

Reception pupils take reading very seriously, sharing books and reading is one of the most important things they do. Check out the gallery of reading photos here.

Nursery Trip To Greenacres

We all had a fantastic trip to Greenacres Farm Park to visit Father Christmas and his reindeer. Click here to see how our day went. 

Street Dance Club

St John's Streetdance Club has gone from strength to strength. It is now 17 boys strong and the club is now working on their first dance performance. For the latest information on Streetdance and all the extra curriculum clubs that are available at St John's check out the Clubs section here. 

St John's Matchday Car Parking

Matchday Car Parking is now available at St John's for both LFC and EFC. Our playground is open for parking 3 hours before kick off, and closes 1 hour after the final whistle. The cost is £5, payable on the gate. Parking is fenced and gated with CCTV. It is staffed throughout and insured for public liability, and only a ten minute walk to the stadium. NDCP Season Long Permits are also available. 

All enquiries please, email David Fidler at or call 07719774610 

Healthy Eating

St John's values the importance of a healthy lifestyle for all its school community. As part of our commitment to PHSE and SEAL aims we are working closely with the Healthy Schools Team to help children and parent's make informed choices about eating healthy foods. Please click here for more information about recent and future healthy eating promotions. 

Anti Bullying / E Safety

As part of our Physical Social Health Education (PSHE) and (SEAL) curriculum. The whole of St John's recently participated in our anti-bullying week; raising awareness of our theme "Say No To Bullies"Click here to read more.


At St John's we pride ourselves on valuing all children whatever their ability or age. Mrs Pugh, our PHSE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) and SEAL (Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning) coordinator has arranged several events promoting these aims, from anti bullying, healthy eating, to the benefits of getting more exercise. For more information about the aims, and for these and future events, and how they are built into our curriculum, please check out the new PHSE/SEAL section, here.  

KS1 Christmas Party

Pupils had a lovely time at the Key Stage 1 Christmas party, everyone watched a movie in the morning. In the afternoon there were party games and dancing, and the day was topped off with a visit from Santa. Click here to see more pictures. 

The Nativity (Key Stage 1)

All of our KS1 Children worked very hard on this year's Christmas performance, "The Nativity". It was a huge success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos. Click here for the photo gallery.  

The Nativity (Key Stage 2)

Children and staff from St John's came together, alongside parents to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in church. Pupils from Years 5 and 6 retold the story as children from across Key Stage 2 recreated the Nativity through mime. It was great to see how many family members joined in with the Christmas Carols throughout the service. Please click here for the photo gallery.


Congratulations to our pupils attending the Tae-Kwon-Do group run by Warren Vice. They recently received their Awards of Excellence, for more pictures please click here. 

Year 2 boy's reach LSSP Matball Final


Our Year 2 boy's did fantastically well at the Liverpool Schools Partnership Matball Competition. It is a new sport for the children, and at the first attempt they reached the final of the competition. We are very proud of their performance. Well done boys ! To read more click here. 

Dance Club Show Night

St John's children gave a fantastic show to parents and guests at their show night performance recently. Both KS1 and KS2 Groups together made the Boy's Street Dance Group performed two routines each. Click here to see the gallery of pictures from the night and click here to see all of the videos of the performance. 

Dance Club Party

Over 80 children from St John's four Dance Clubs have just had their Christmas Party in the school hall. Santa dropped in and there were magic tricks and entertainment provided by Sparky.  Everyone had lots of fun. Check out the pictures here. 

Santa Dash 

A big thank you to everyone at St John's, and everyone who donated to the Santa Dash for CAFOD. Everyone in the school participated, and running TEN times around the school grounds was no easy feat. We still havent received the final total for donations, but thankyou to everyone who has made a donation. The gallery of photos can be seen here. 

Last Week of Term - Important Club Information

Please take note, the only clubs taking place this week (16th-20th December) are; Reading Club on Tuesday 3.15-4.30pm (restarts Tuesday 14th January; Table Tennis Academy Friday 6.00-8.00pm. All other clubs restart again in January 2014.

Nursery Cookery Workshop

Nursery pupils were visited by Heidi from Liverpool Health Schools. Heidi showed everyone how to make a Chicken and Vegetable Pasta Salad. Photo's of the day are here. 

School Calendar Correction

There is a small correction to the school calendar for the last day of the summer term. Ms Maudsley has written a letter explaining the correction which can be read by clicking here. The corrected school calendar can be seen by clicking here

Both the letter and the updated calendar are also available for download at  the bottom of the Parent Information page.

Reception Nativity Play

Did you manage to catch St John's Reception pupils recent performance of the Nativity ? There are now some pictures online, click here to check them out.

School Meals Menu 

If you'd like to see whats coming up on the school meals menu for January, then check out the School Meals section of the website, it's in Key Information>School Meals or just click here.

Autumn Term Dates Updated

The list of Autumn Term Dates has been updated in the Parent Information section, click here to check the important dates as Christmas approaches. 

St John's Newsletter

The latest St John's Newsletter can be read by clicking here or can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. 

St John's wins "Most inspirational" award at the Educate Awards 2013


St John's were extremely proud to win "Most Inspirational School"  at the Educate Awards 2013. Click here to read more. 

Christmas Diary Dates Updated

St John's has several Christmas events coming up, if you would like to check the dates for the Early Year's Nativity, Christmas Dinner, the Carol Service or when Mr Rooney's Guitar performance is scheduled, or any other events, then check out the latest update to the Christmas Diary Dates by clicking here. 

Gymnastics - Y2 Pupils Win

Our Year 2 gymnastics team won a recent competition against other Liverpool Schools. Well Done ! 

The Gymnastics Club runs on a Thursday 3.30-4.30pm, any boys and girls from Key Stage 1 are welcome, for more information check out the gymnastics club page here

International Walk To School Week

As part of our Healthy Schools Status children and parents recently participated in the International Walk to School Week. Parents and children were encouraged to walk for the week to promote the importance of daily exercise and the school council made and carried out a  questionnaire, that showed that more of our school community continued to walk to school than use other modes of transport after the event. Have a look at the article and photo gallery here. 


Tae-Kwon-Do is a new club for Keystage 1 children. We are very, very lucky to have Mr Warren Vice the current World Champion as our coach. Tae Kwondo takes place every Tuesday at 3.30pm for more details have a look at the pupils in action on the Tae-Kwon-Do club page here. 

Yoga Group

St John's Yoga Group started last week, it was a great success, The parent/child class has proved very popular with parents, first reactions saying "it's brilliant" and "it's excellent". The day after the first class it was the talk of the playground amongst the parents and children, when asked during the the day told staff that "it was brill!". If you think you might be interested, its on Wednesday's 3.20-4.15pm, there is more information in our Clubs section here

Table Tennis

Amongst the new clubs that St John are running is The Table Tennis Club, it runs on Friday's 3.30-4.30pm, and is available for KS2 Year 3 boys and girls. For more information, check out the Table Tennis page here. 

The list of all St John's Club's when they are on and who they are for are here. 

Christmas Bingo

The Friends of St John's have been hard at work arranging St John's Christmas Bingo. Its on Friday 29th November, 1.30pm in the school hall. All proceeds help raise money for our school. and everybody is welcome. For more information please click here

Weekly Attendance

The latest weekly attendance figures are up, congratulations to 4G who had 100 attendance for the week of November 15th. Weekly attendance and raffle winners are here. 

Girls Football Team

Congratulations to the girls football team, who recently competed in a competition arranged by Everton Football Club. After playing several matches in the competition, they came 2nd overall. Well done ! Click here for more pictures. 

Yoga Group

St John's have a new Yoga group starting on Wednesday 20th November, 3.20pm to 4.15 pm, it runs until the 18th December. Regular yoga has many benefits, improved flexibility, mental clarity and stress reduction.If you would like to join in then please come along. It's £2 per session, £10 for all 5 weeks.

Free Courses For Parents

St John's has partnered with Family Learning and are offering free courses for parents. The first is titled Play and Learning, and aims to show how a child's development is nurtured through play. The courses are free, crech facilities are also available for free. For more information have a look in our parent information section or click here.  

Local Area Walk

Year 1 have been on a walk of discovery around Kirkdale, see how they got on here. 

100% Attendance Raffle Winners 


Well done to Leni in KS1, and Gabriel in KS2. They both won the 100% attendance raffle for 28th-1st November 2013. The Weekly Attendance section is here.  

Weekly Attendance Figures

The latest weekly attendance figures are out. Check them out here.

St John's Star's Of The Week

Well done to Riley, Jack, Colin, Michael, Alex, Ava, Erin, Ava and Nicola, they are St John's Star's of the week for the first week of November. Click here for the Star's of the Week !

School Council / Free Entrance At Lifestyles Leisure Centres

School Council members recently attended the latest Liverpool School's Parliament meeting at the town hall. There were two things on the agenda, first a presentation on Future Lifestyles, explaining how young people up to the age of 17 can gain free entrance to Lifestyles Leisure Centres and second were the elections for Junior Lord Mayor. For more information please click here.

Autumn Walk

Year 1 pupils have been writing Autumn inspired poetry after their Autumn walk, see how they got on here.  

Welcome Service for Reception Pupils

Father Michael invited all Reception children and families to a Welcome Service in St John’s church. Read how they got on here. 

Captain Storyteller

International Pirate Day came earlier than usual for reception pupils. The school was visited by Captain Storyteller who sailed to St John's for the day, click here to find out more about their adventures. 

Halloween Party

There will be a halloween party in the hall at 1.30 pm, on Thursday 31st October. Ghosts, ghouls, and pupils all welcome. Entrance is £1 

Winmarleigh Hall

Year 6's residential visit to Winmarleigh Hall was full of action and adventure. Have a look and see what they got up to here. 

Katie's Tasty Treats

As part of St John's Healthy Food Initiative, Katie, our school cook, with the help of the School Council, ran an England Themed Food day. Pupils sampled traditional English food, but with a healthy taster option to try. To find out more click here. 

Superhero Day

Sometimes everyone needs a hero, at Year 2's recent Superhero day, many Superhero's turned up to save the day - and what a day it was. Have a look at the gallery here. 

Summer Dance 2013

The end of year Summer Dance Show was a great success with over 70 children taking part and over 150 parents and family coming to watch.  Click here to see more.

Year 5 - Healthy Eating 

Class 5S have been learning about Healthy Eating in Science. To see how they got on, click here. 

Weekly Class Attendance 

St John's latest Weekly Class Attendance figures are up, if you would like to see them, head over to the Weekly Attendance section, click here.  

Stars of the Week 

St John's latest Stars of the Week, are up, congratulations to all. To find out who the winners are,  have a look in the Achievements section, or click here. 

St John's Autumn Term Diary for Parents 2013

The autumn term diary for parents is now available and can be viewed by clicking here. 

All upcoming calendar events for the whole of St John's school year 2013-14 are in the Upcoming Events section here.

School Council's "Bring and Buy Cake Sale" - A Great Success!

The School Council recently arranged a Bring and Buy Cake Sale, raising £157.16 for Barnados. Check out the School Council's Achievements page here, and the School Council page here

Mass in St John's Church 

Years 1-6 are going to Mass in St John's Church at 9.15am on Tuesday 17th September. Parents are very welcome to join us. 

Year 6 Activity Week - Climbing

Year 6's recent climbing trip to Active Adventures in Otterspool. Have a look at the gallery here.

Year 6 Activity Week - Canoeing

Year 6's Activity Week also included a canoeing trip to the Leeds/Liverpool Canal near the Eldonian Village. Have a look at the photo gallery here.  

Year 6 Activity Week - Active Soccer And Sports

Year 6's Activity Week Included a day of sports - active Soccer, boxing and a human wheelbarrrow race. Have a look at the pictures here.  

St John's wins North West Pupil Premium Award

Headteacher, Miss Maudsley and Deputy Headteacher, Mr Walsh were delighted to receive the school’s North West Regional Pupil Premium Winners Award for 2013. It was presented by Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, at Admiralty House in London. For more information check out the article here. 

The Romans

Year 4's recent day trip to Chester. While there they visited the Dewa Roman Experience and discovered what it was like to live like a Roman soldier. The huge photo gallery of the day, is here.

Balloon Race 2013

The whole school set off over 350 balloons in the school’s annual balloon race. It was a great spectacle as the children set off the balloons; they flew off over the school into the distance rising higher and higher ! We received the first call half an hour later as a balloon had been found by the East Lancashire Road. We now have to wait and see how far the balloons have travelled over the next week. Have a look at the pictures here. 

Year 2's Trip to Crosby

Year 2's recently went on a trip to Crosby, the photo gallery of the day can be seen here. 

I-Sing Event

Year 4 recently took part in the latest I-Sing event, the photo album of the day is here.

Year 3 R.E - Islam

Year 3 recently covered Islam as part of their religious education.The children found out how a Muslim person prepares themselves to pray and had an opportunity to try on the different head garments and look at the beautiful prayer mats and holy book called the Qur’an. Check out the article here. 

Holy Communion

Congratulations to all our Year 4 children who recently received the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion. The children looked delightful, behaved beautifully and were a credit to their parents and to our school. Check out the article here.

Stars Of The Week (1st-5thJuly 2013)

Pupils who have been nominated for Stars of the Week, for excellence in their behaviour and work, for the week of 1st July are in our Achievements section here.

Weekly Attendance (1st-5th July 2013)

St Johns weekly attendance figures and winners of the weekly 100% attendance for the week beginning 1st July 2013, are in the attendance section here. 


Year 3 Maths 

In Maths, Year 3 pupils have been making 3d Shapes out of 2d, have a look at the article and pictures here

St John's awarded Basic Skills Quality Mark

Last month Stephanie Wells came to St John's for a special assembly to present us with the Basic Skills Quality Mark. In order to gain the quality mark the school had to undergo an assessment by Stephanie Wells and Jackie Fleetwood to see how well we develop, support and celebrate good practice in literacy, language and numeracy. We were delighted when we were awarded the quality mark as it shows how hard all the staff and children work to develop their skills in these areas. The photo gallery for the visit is here.

Stars Of The Week for June 24th 2013

Every week pupils with the best behaviour are awarded "Star Of The Week" for their class, have a look to see who the winners were for the week starting June 24th here. 

Dominic Dunn

    St John's was proud to welcome back, an ex-pupil
   Dominic Dunn, who came, talked and performed
   to St John's pupils. Have a look at his video here. 






News Round Up - Class teachers for next year

If you would like to see which class teacher pupils will be taught by next year, head over to the Parents Information page and download the "Classes for Sept 2013" its at the bottom of the page or click here to download it. 

School term dates are also available for 2013/2014 a downloadable/printable copy is available here.

The June edition of the St Johns newsletter is available for download at the bottom of this page, or click here to download it. 


Weekly Attendance

St Johns attendance figures for the week of 17th-23rd June, are available here.


Stars Of The Week

Every week a pupil from every class is rewarded for excellent behaviour, check out the latest stars of the week here. 

A trip to the museum by Year 3

Year 3 recently visited Liverpool Museum to find out about the Ancient Egyptians. Check out the article here.  

Liverpool Film Academy Summer School

Do you like to sing, dance, act or just get messy with paints ? Looking for something to do over the summer holiday ?

Liverpool Film Academy are running 6 day workshops, including drama, singing, dance, writing, set design, building and painting. The workshops run for 2 hours Monday to Friday with performances on Saturday from 10am. The workshops will begin in the first week of the summer holidays, and run throughout the summer break. 

The cost, is £70 per child, with a reduction to £60 per child if more than one child from the same family attends. 

Contact the Liverpool Film Academy on 

Telephone 0151 933 8282

or contact Seamus Gubbins, Head of Training and Course Development. Update


Going For Gold

Year 6 recently participated in another Going For Gold session. This time their goal was to create a newspaper, with informative articles, good photographs and a presentation that would encourage and persuade people to purchase our newspaper. Year 6 pupils have written an article about their day, have a look at it here.

Summer Fayre

Our Summer Fayre is nearly here. It's on July 5th, 3.15-5.30pm in the school playground. There will be food, refreshments, entertainments and if your feeling lucky enter the raffle or have a go on the tombola. 

Girls Football Team reach final unbeaten.

The girls football team competed in a football tournament at Goals in Netherton. The girls played brilliantly and reached the final unbeaten. Read about it here.

Year 5 Girls - Be a Chorister for a Day at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral

"Are you a girl in Year 5 ? Do you enjoy singing and working in a team? If so, you are invited to come and meet the choristers at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool and sing in the largest Catholic Church in the country for a day.

We are holding a "Be a Chorister for a day" event on Sunday 23rd June from 10.30-16.00. Come and find out more about being a chorister and have fun playing, eating and exploring.

Application forms and further information are available on the Cathedral website or by contacting the music office. Places are limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

Cathedral website :

Email the music office:

Holy Communion

First pictures from Holy Communion, an article and more will follow, please check out the gallery here.


CAFOD Fundraising Enterprise Project

Last term pupils in Year 5 decided to come up with a small business project to help raise money for the CAFOD and Good Shepherd charities. It was a great success. Check out the article on the project here. 

Going For Gold 

Year 6 pupils have written an article on the latest Going for Gold visit.

"Going for Gold is a fun activity that comes to visit St John’s about 3 times a year. We learn business skills and usually do arts and crafts to make a product which we have to sell or display, just like a real business."

Check out their article here.


Judaism Day


Year 4 learned a lot about the Ten Commandments from Mr Cohen during our Judaism Day. Have a look at the pictures here.

Mad Science

The Mad Scientists visited Year 5 and lit up the room with some fantastic work on static electricity. They used balloon rubbings and created static electric shocks using a Van de Graff generator. The pictures are here.


Chinese Writing

Year 4 have been practising their Chinese writing, the photos are here.


Your Choice Conference

Year 6 pupils recently attended the Your Choice conference where they learned about anti-social behaviour. Pupils attended five workgroups; a drama group, a rap workshop, web detectives, a session of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and a workshop run by the Merseyside Police. The article is written by a Year 6 pupil, and you can read it here

Pirate Day

Year 3 recently had a pirate day, They dressed up, counted their booty, and baked hardtack, the photo's are here

Planning A Trip To The Farm

Reception pupils recently planned a trip to the farm, check out the their trip here

The Animal Man

We had our annual visit from the "Animal Man", with five animals; a boa constrictor, a chameleon, a tarantula, a barn owl, and a South American raccoon. Emma took each year group in turn, telling the children and they are able to either touch or hold the animals. 

The children really enjoyed lining them up and having the raccoon run across their backs as they bent over, in their line. 

Again it was another fantastic experience for the children (and staff) and we are already looking forward to next year's visit ! Please click here to check out our gallery photos


Andy Tooze - The Poet from the Peaks

We were fortunate to have a visit from the well known Derbyshire poet Andy Tooze. Andy spent the two days working with each class, reading some of his poems and helping the children to write some of their own. The visit ended with a celebratory assembly in which the whole school gathered to listen to the poems each year group had produced. Check out the article here and the photo gallery here. 


Rewards for Excellence - Going for Gold / Star Treat Rewards

Children from years 3,4,5 and 6 were recently given a special treat, to go out for lunch, after they were rewarded for having the most stars and being such a credit to the school. At St John’s we wish to recognise excellent behaviour and attitude in school and take children each term from both Key Stage 1 and 2. Check out the article here.


Palm Sunday 

As part of our Holy Week celebrations Key Stage 1 lead an assembly to share the story of Palm Sunday. Please check out the pictures in our gallery here.


World Book Day 

We celebrated world book day this month. The children had a fabulous time coming to school in their pyjamas and favourite book characters. Check out Red Nose/ World Book Day photo gallery here.

Book Fayre

Our Book Fayre proved very popular, thankyou for your support. We are all working together to develop a real love of books and reading here at St Johns

World Maths Day

We Also celebrated World Maths Day this month, organising quizzes, maths challenges, competitions and maths games. The children had great day proving that maths is fun ! Click here for more details.

Mother's Day Assembly 

This annual assembly, led by Reception and Year 1, is always extremely popular and this year was no different. It is a perfect opportunity for all the children, and staff at St John's to show our mums and carers just how special they are and what a fabulous job they do with their children. Thank you once again to our mums and carers at St John's. Please check out our gallery here

First Holy Communion and Confirmations

A big thank you to our Year 4 parents who always attend our monthly workshops in preparation for First Holy Communion. We will send out further information to you as this special day approaches in the Summer term.

School Library 

As you know, books and reading are so important to us here at St John's. The children are very excited, as our school library and the class libraries have had a restock of new and exciting reading material which the children may take home to enjoy. For more pictures click here

Red Nose Day 

Well done everyone ! We raised £275.25 on Red Nose Day which will be sent to a deserving and worthy cause. As usual, the parents and carers of St Johns always give generously. Check out Red Nose/ World Book Day photo gallery here.

Poets Corner 

We have lots of budding poets here at St John's. We recently hosted a visit from the poet Andy Tooze who worked across the school from Nursery to Year 6. The children produced some wonderful poems, check out some of their work here.

Please check out the links below if you would like a downloadable version of the newsletter.