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Your Choice

This report is written by Year 6 pupils 

In the Your Choice conference we learned about anti-social behaviour. We were split into five groups, drama, rap workshop, web detective, who wants to be a millionaire and the police workshop.

We first watched a play called Charlie’s Choice. It was about a young boy called Charlie and his mother thought that he didn’t do bad things but it turned out that he did. Charlie and his friend made prank calls, they vandalized and threw stones at buses. Because Charlie made the wrong choices there were tragic consequences.

We also made raps about making the right choices. When we did drama, we were split into another three groups. One group did one on the train station another group did one on prank calls and the other group did one about distracting bus drivers. 

In Web Detective,we  found clues and filled in a sheet.

In the police workshop, we met the Merseytunnel police and found about their job. 

Year 6 had a very interesting time, learning about how to make the right choice about anti-social behaviour. 

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