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Wonderful World of Water

During the first half of the Summer Term the EYFS held a special event week where we learnt all about water, its various uses, and its importance.

Our Wonderful World of Water Week took place during the week beginning 8th May. This was held as part of the Chatterbox Challenge 2017 by the I Can charity. I Can has provided lots of interactive resources, and has been utilized in many ways for our language development here at St Johns so for the last two years we have supported the challenge, which has also resulted in our children benefitting greatly from events which they have enjoyed, and which have boosted their language skills.

As part of the Chatterbox Challenge we held a competition for children, parents, carers and even extended families in some cases!! Entrants had to come up with as many words as possible related to water. We were very impressed with the hard work that so many families put into thinking of words, and even learnt lots of new water words ourselves! Details of the prizewinners can be found on the back page of this newsletter!

Children (and staff!) had a fantastic time on our special activity days, when we had a variety of super water activities taking place in our Foundation Stage playground! Our ‘Splash Zone’ proved to be popular with children being much braver than adults at paddling in the cold water!! The ‘Hydration Station’ became a big attraction for children wanting to serve water to help others hydrate, as well as drinking it themselves!

The sharing, helping and social skills that took place were great to see! One activity that proved to be especially exciting and provoked so much conversation and interaction was the impromptu wheeled toy wash!

A huge amount of learning took place in all areas of the curriculum, but there was a particularly high amount of exploration taking place that resulted in scientific skills and understanding such as floating and sinking and waterproof and non-waterproof. Children were learning a wide range of new vocabulary and how to put it into practice!

Children also showed their caring side in the baby bathing area and cooperated well with their friends to make sure the dolls were well looked after!

We would like to say a massive thank you for your support and participation during this event! All the items you sent in were extremely useful and helped enormously with the event, and the participation in our Word Hunt was fantastic!