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What have we been up to in PSHE?

Here you will find information about our PSHE curriculum, see examples of our wonderful lessons and any special visitors who enrich our PSHE learning too!


First Aid Workshop

As part of our pupils’ health education, all children from reception to year six took part in a first aid training course which followed the acronym: DRSABC (Danger, Response, Shout for help, Ambulance, Breathing and Circulation). This important knowledge helps prepare us for an emergency situation and help us to keep calm. A huge well done to our brilliant first aiders.




Celebrating Our Differences

Year one looked at the book ‘Elmer’ by David Mckee and used this to open a discussion about how it is okay to be different. We discussed the ways in which we are unique from our friends and how this is represented in the story of Elmer. What a positive attitude our year ones have!



Children's Mental Health Week

During Children's Mental Health Week, we discussed how we can describe, label and represent our emotions and how this is a powerful tool. Above, you can see year four getting great practise in! 

Anti-Bullying Week


During Anti-Bullying week, we discussed friendships and the skills we have for resolving conflicts. Additionally, we wore odd socks (even the teachers joined in!) and designed anti-bullying badges to celebrate our differences.

Knife Crime Workshop

 Our year five and six pupils were visited by Alan Walsh from Anfield Boxing who delivered an inspiring and thought-provoking workshop about knife crime in our local area. This links in well with our 'Being Safe' topic. 

Children in Need

We wore something spotty on Children in Need day and took part in lots of fun activities linking to this important day. Across all year groups, we discussed the importance of mental wellbeing and how the Children in Need charity does so much to help those who need a helping hand.