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Walker Art Gallery Trip

Year 1 had a wonderful visit to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool City Centre. Our Art Teacher, Mrs Taylor, organised for us to go and learn more about Portraits. We became portrait detectives and studied many different portraits that are displayed in the gallery.

We looked carefully at what the picture can tell us about the person or people within it. Are they happy or sad? Are they rich or poor? What hobbies did they have? etc.

In this portrait we could see that this man had a lot of money by the clothes he wore. We also spotted the rifle in the painting which gave us the clue that he had been hunting. This would have been a hobby of his. 

A member of staff from the gallery taught us some good skills to remember when we are drawing self-portraits. We then had the chance to practise drawing our own self-portraits. 

We enjoyed having time to explore the gallery for ourselves and enjoy all of the wonderful art work that is displayed in there.