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Stay and Be Creative Week 3

Week 3 - Spring

In our third week we focussed on the arrival of spring. We started by listening to Vivaldiā€™s Spring. The children enjoyed the calming music at the start of our busy day and settled nicely for our story of 10 Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars. As we read the story we practised our wonderful taking away skills.

Paper Flowers.

Our activities this week were then focussed on Spring. We made beautiful paper flowers.


Observational Paintings of Daffodils.

We painted beautiful pictures of some lovely yellow daffodils. We had to look carefully at the shapes and practise our observation skills and brush grip.


Big Art Monet Inspired Painting.

Our final piece of big art was inspired by a painting by Monet. Can you guess what it was?

First we used our feet and hands to create the background of the image.

Then we added in plants, trees and some beautiful waterlilies.

Finally we added in a very distinctive bridge.

Can you guess which painting the children have worked hard together to make? We had one last check to make sure it was perfect.

So we did lots of wonderful things when our parents came to stay and be creative and even on top of all these amazing things everyone had a great time exploring the rest of our fabulous room.