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Stay and Be Creative Week 2

Week 2: Aliens in Underpants Save the World.

For our second week we continued to follow the theme of aliens. Our second story was Aliens in Underpants Save the World. Once we had finished the story we looked at lots of shapes aliens. We were very clever at naming squares, circles, triangles and rectangles. We talked about the shapes and looked at how they were different to each other.

Shape Aliens.

This week in our creative activities we made our own wonderful shape aliens.

Some children used squares, some rectangles, some triangles and some circles. As we made our aliens we talked about our shapes and named them. We also counted the eyes on our aliens.


Splatter and Squash Symmetrical Aliens.

We had great fun printing and splatting some very interesting aliens.

We got very messy but everyone  enjoyed experimenting with the paint using their hands. We also discovered that when we printed out aliens by folding the paper it made them symmetrical.

Building Rockets and Towers.

In the second week we had lots of fun building towers. Children worked with their parents or independently to build some incredibly high towers and rockets which stretched up into the sky.

Some parents were very excited to try and build the highest tower. 


Making Rockets.

We made some very fast looking rockets while recycling our plastic bottles. We don’t need to wait for Fairy liquid bottles when we can recycle any plastic bottles in school.