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Science - Rocks, soil & fossils


For our science topic we have been looking at rocks. We categorised them and learned about the different types of rocks. We made rocks out of chocolate flakes and chocolate chunks to show each type – igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, and of course we were able to eat them at the end!


For this topic, we also looked at soils. We looked at many different animals that make their habitat in soils and looked at what it is made up of. We were also soil investigators, we searched through some soil using magnifying glasses and brushes to dust things off. We found many good things in the soil like tiny rocks, leaves and moisture but we also found bad things in the soil like metal screws!


Year 3 also welcomed Darren Birchall who came to teach us all about fossils for our science topic. We handled fossils from different animals such as the woolly mammoth, the giant elk and even dinosaurs. We also used microscopes to look at fossils very closely which helped us in our sorting activities. This also linked closely with our history topic of the stone age.