School Meals

If you think you may be entitled to Free School Meals please apply online at


Re: Process for claiming your child’s free school meal voucher in the event of school closure

Parents in receipt of Free School Meals, you will be entitled to a weekly £10 food voucher for your child whilst the school is closed during term time.  To redeem your voucher, please visit a children’s centre within the Ward you live in (please see below list) or access information on the internet:

Please take this information with you and a form of identification.   Parents /Guardians must attend in person, vouchers cannot be distributed to children / young people.

In the event of your local children’s centre being closed, please call 0151 233 3000 and they will re-direct you to your nearest local centre.

Yours sincerely


List of Liverpool Sure Start Children Centres

  1. Anfield Children’s Centre                      

Oakfield, L4 2QG            Tel: 233 4001

Anfield Ward

  1. Belle Vale & Hunts Cross & Mossley Hill Children’s Centre                      

Our Lady of Assumption site: Hedgefield Road, L25 2RW   Tel: 233 1705

Hunts Cross School Site:   Kingsthorne Road, L25 0PJ       Tel: 233 3733

Dovedale School site:  Dovedale Road                                 Tel: 233 6870

Belle Vale, Allerton and Hunts Cross & Mossley Hill Wards

  1. Clubmoor & Ellergreen Children’s Centre                          

 Utting Avenue East, L11 1DQ    Tel: 233 8500


Clubmoor & Norris Green Wards



  1. County, Walton, Fountains & Vauxhall Children’s Centre               

Fountains Children Centre:Fountains Road, L4 1QH         Tel: 233 4741

Arnot St Mary’s Sch Site: Arnot Street, L4 4ED                  Tel: 233 3760

     Trinity School Site:    Titchfield Street, L5 8UT                    Tel: 298 2918


Kirkdale, County, Warbreck & Central Wards



  1. Everton Children’s Centre                                               

Spencer St, L6 2WF         Tel: 233 1969


Everton Ward



  1. Fazakerley, Croxteth, Stoneycroft & Knotty Ash Children’s Centre                              

Barlows Primary Sch:  Barlow’s Lane, L9 9EH                    Tel: 233 3705

Our Lady St Swithins Sch:   Parkstile Lane, L11 0BQ          Tel: 233 1750

Stoneycroft Children’s Centre: 38 Scotia Road, L13 6QJ     Tel: 233 4770


Fazakerley, Croxteth, Old Swan & Knotty Ash Wards



  1.   Granby & Dingle Lane Children’s Centre                                     

Kingsley School site: Eversley Street, L8 2TU        Tel: 233 3200

Matthew Arnold School site: Dingle Lane, L8 9UB      Tel: 233 4930


Princes Park, Riverside & St Michael’s Wards

  1.   Picton & Kensington Children’s Centre                                      

St Hughs Primary Sch site: 139 Earle Rd, L7 6HD   Tel: 233 1200

Lifebank Centre, Quorn Street, L7 2QR Tel:  300 8420

Picton & Kensington Wards

  1.   Speke & Garston Children’s Centre                                     

Speke site: Conleach Road, L24 OTW        Tel: 486 9719

Garston site: 70 Banks Road, L19 8JZ        Tel: 233 6868

Speke/Garston & Cressington Ward

  1.   Tuebrook, West Derby, & Yew Tree Children’s Centre          

St Margaret’s Anfield School site: 61 Lower Breck Road, L6 4BX    

Tel: 233 3830

Blackmoor Infants School site:  Leyfield Road, L12 9EY   Tel: 233 6202

Yew Tree Health Centre: Berryford Road, L14 4ED          Tel: 296 7950


Tuebrook and Stoneycroft, Yew Tree & West Derby Wards



  1.   Wavertree, Childwall, Woolton & Church Children’s Centre      

Wavertree Children Centre: 85 Wellington Road, L15 4LE    Tel: 233 6870

Rudston Primary School site:  Rudston Road, L16 4PQ     Tel: 233 5733

Dovedale School site:  Dovedale Road  Tel: 233 6870

Wavertree, Greenbank, Church, Childwall and Woolton Wards





St John's Catholic Primary School - School Meals


School Meals

School Meals are now free for all four to seven year old's.

The cost of a school dinner is £1:80 per day (£9:00 per week).  Money for each week must be sent into school on a MONDAY morning. 

Please send all money in an envelope clearly labelled with your child’s name, class and amount.  On no account are arrears allowed to be accrued!

Free School Meals

If you require any help completing your claim forms, please contact the school office. Claims are confidential and your child is not singled out in any way.

Please have a look at this document for more information and to see who is eligible.

Packed Lunch

Parents have an option of providing their child with a Healthy packed lunch.  Please do not bring hot soup, sweets or glass bottles to school.  All lunch boxes should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.  Pupils should bring their packed lunch to school at 8.55 a.m.

Hot Dinners

Children will be allowed to change hot dinners/ packed lunch if they wish every half term. If you wish your child to change please speak to the school office staff. 

Awards, Procedures and Benefits

Some families in receipt of benefits may be able to apply for free school meals

Application forms are available from Liverpool Direct on phone number 233 3000 or by visiting the One Stop Shop at 101 Walton Road, Kirkdale, L4 4AG.

School Lunch Menu

Bread will be available with main meals. We also offer a choice of yoghurts or fresh fruit as a dessert alternative. Fresh drinking water and low fat milk available daily.

St John's is now a partner in the Food for Thought school meals company, which is not for profit, and owned by its partner schools.

The Food for Thought website lists the current menu in use here.

Click on the menus below to view or download



Spring Term

Lunch Menu - 24th February - 6th April 2020

Lunch Menu - 6th January - 14th February 2020


Autumn Term

Lunch Menu - 2nd September - 25th October

Lunch Menu - 4th November - 20th December