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Safer Internet Day


This year’s focus was:  Be the change:  unite for a better internet

We started the day talking about how much we love and use the internet in our daily lives. We thought about what life would be like without the internet and all of the amazing things we would miss doing. We agreed that in order to keep the internet safe and great in our lives it is up to us all to pay our part by uniting with others to make everything better and safer online.

This year we looked at images, photos and some videos to see if what they seemed to show was actually a true reflection.

All of the children watched some videos, talked a lot and then did different activities to help them to understand how to keep themselves and others safe online by thinking about how they could change what they do and share.

We shared many of our achievements in assemblies at the end of the week including posters and messages that the children decided were important to pass on to each other.

We all learnt a lot about how what we do has an impact on others online. We were very positive about how making the internet better means we have to sometimes change what we do ourselves.