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SCHOOL CLOSURE - Free School Meals



Re: Process for claiming your child’s free school meal voucher in the event of school closure

Parents in receipt of Free School Meals, you will be entitled to a weekly £10 food voucher for your child whilst the school is closed during term time.  To redeem your voucher, please visit a children’s centre within the Ward you live in (please see below list) or access information on the internet:

Please take this information with you and a form of identification.   Parents /Guardians must attend in person, vouchers cannot be distributed to children / young people.

In the event of your local children’s centre being closed, please call 0151 233 3000 and they will re-direct you to your nearest local centre.


Yours sincerely


List of Liverpool Sure Start Children Centres


  1. Anfield Children’s Centre                      

Oakfield, L4 2QG            Tel: 233 4001


Anfield Ward


  1. Belle Vale & Hunts Cross & Mossley Hill Children’s Centre                        


Our Lady of Assumption site: Hedgefield Road, L25 2RW   Tel: 233 1705

Hunts Cross School Site:   Kingsthorne Road, L25 0PJ       Tel: 233 3733

Dovedale School site:  Dovedale Road                                 Tel: 233 6870


Belle Vale, Allerton and Hunts Cross & Mossley Hill Wards


  1. Clubmoor & Ellergreen Children’s Centre                          

 Utting Avenue East, L11 1DQ    Tel: 233 8500


Clubmoor & Norris Green Wards


  1. County, Walton, Fountains & Vauxhall Children’s Centre               

Fountains Children Centre:Fountains Road, L4 1QH         Tel: 233 4741

Arnot St Mary’s Sch Site: Arnot Street, L4 4ED                  Tel: 233 3760

     Trinity School Site:    Titchfield Street, L5 8UT                    Tel: 298 2918


Kirkdale, County, Warbreck & Central Wards


  1. Everton Children’s Centre                                               

Spencer St, L6 2WF         Tel: 233 1969


Everton Ward


  1. Fazakerley, Croxteth, Stoneycroft & Knotty Ash Children’s Centre                              

Barlows Primary Sch:  Barlow’s Lane, L9 9EH                    Tel: 233 3705

Our Lady St Swithins Sch:   Parkstile Lane, L11 0BQ          Tel: 233 1750

Stoneycroft Children’s Centre: 38 Scotia Road, L13 6QJ     Tel: 233 4770


Fazakerley, Croxteth, Old Swan & Knotty Ash Wards


  1.   Granby & Dingle Lane Children’s Centre                                     

Kingsley School site: Eversley Street, L8 2TU        Tel: 233 3200

Matthew Arnold School site: Dingle Lane, L8 9UB      Tel: 233 4930


Princes Park, Riverside & St Michael’s Ward


  1.   Picton & Kensington Children’s Centre                                      


St Hughs Primary Sch site: 139 Earle Rd, L7 6HD   Tel: 233 1200

Lifebank Centre, Quorn Street, L7 2QR Tel:  300 8420


Picton & Kensington Wards


  1.   Speke & Garston Children’s Centre                                     

Speke site: Conleach Road, L24 OTW        Tel: 486 9719

Garston site: 70 Banks Road, L19 8JZ        Tel: 233 6868


Speke/Garston & Cressington Ward


  1.   Tuebrook, West Derby, & Yew Tree Children’s Centre          

St Margaret’s Anfield School site: 61 Lower Breck Road, L6 4BX    

Tel: 233 3830

Blackmoor Infants School site:  Leyfield Road, L12 9EY   Tel: 233 6202

Yew Tree Health Centre: Berryford Road, L14 4ED          Tel: 296 7950


Tuebrook and Stoneycroft, Yew Tree & West Derby Wards


  1.   Wavertree, Childwall, Woolton & Church Children’s Centre      

Wavertree Children Centre: 85 Wellington Road, L15 4LE    Tel: 233 6870

Rudston Primary School site:  Rudston Road, L16 4PQ     Tel: 233 5733

Dovedale School site:  Dovedale Road  Tel: 233 6870


Wavertree, Greenbank, Church, Childwall and Woolton Wards