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Remembrance Poems


Remembrance Day Poetry

We have written our poems after reflection upon Remembrance Sunday. We discussed the emotion and great pride and gratitude that we have for those men and women who gave their lives during many conflicts so that we can have the life we have today. 
As we are studying World War 2 in History, we were also able to make links with what we have learnt in this subject too.
 We hope that you appreciate our writing, as we have worked really hard to capture the emotion and feeling of this subject. 



Lest we forget

Lest we forget those who were shot,

To let us live, we’d die if they had not.

Those brave men,

Who fought them,

To protect us.


In the fields of Flanders full of mud,

There are lots of poppies that are good.

There they stay,

On disturbed land.


A hundred years ahead.

Everyone lifts up their head.

They show a smile,

Then display their poppy with pride.

To show their respect,

Lest we all forget.

The 11th of November.


By Luke




My Pretty Poppy Poem


When  poppies  grow through  the  ground 

Everyone  is  silent  not  making  a  sound.


Remember  the  hard  times

In  which  soldiers  had  died.


The  poppies  all  give  joy  and  hope

To  those  who  just  cannot  cope.


When  you  see  the  beautiful  red  poppy

Always  stop,  think  and  remember.


A  poppy  represents  those  who  fought  in  the  hardest  war.

We  will  remember  them  for  ever  more.


Risking  their  lives  I  don’t  know  how  they  done  it.

So  wear  a  poppy  and  never  forget  all  the  soldiers  have  done  their  bit.


By Yasmin 





Poppies grow


Wearing poppies for the dead,

As red as pure blood shot in the head

Lying dead in a coffin bed,

Lets all take cover in an underground shed.

Resting my head on a bed,

Waiting for the war to stop

 So we can start to pray.


When the war stops standing tall like a wall,

As the winners have their pictures in Saint George’s Hall.

If they die the families will start to cry,

All they want is a kiss to say good bye.


All the soldiers risked their lives,

To save their country for their wives.

To fight the wars for us all,

Even though they saved us all.

So never forget Flanders Fields,

Flanders fields will never go,

Unless a war comes and goes.



By Anthony





Red Remembrance

Remember, Remember the 11th of November

All is calm, all is cool

Back in 1939, there were a lot of muddy pools.

A lot of people were hurt,

Including my Great-great granddad Bert.


The poppies are red,

To represent the blood,

Which is probably covered in mud.

In Flanders Fields,

I shall go,

Then the poppies will start to grow.


Soldiers, marching up and down,

Enemies not to be found.

Hiding in the hedges, with bombs,

Blowing up some small ponds.


So wear our poppies with pride,

So we can remember those who have died.


By Isabel






11 TH November remembrance day comes,

To respect the soldiers shot with guns.

In the place of their death poppies grow,

Because Germany hit an all-time low.


How you can remember and respect,

You honour them, make their life perfect.

Don’t forget the soldiers that saved our lives,

Who were tortured with guns and knives.


Poppies represent the people who we lost,

Risking their lives no matter what cost.

St George’s Hall remember now,

All just for them how?


On Flanders Fields they had a fight,

Up above way up high a twinkly light.

It’s so unfortunate you have to die,

But sadly I’m saying goodbye.


On the 11 TH of the 11 TH at 11 o clock,

Remember the Soldiers hearts that had to stop.

So go to St Georges Hall pay your respects,

And remember with poppies.


By Lewis





In Flanders field they stand,

That’s where they stand row by row,

Wear a poppy today,

To show love not just for the ones that have falling,

But for the ones who have lived on,


Remember the eleventh hour

Of the eleventh day,

Of the eleventh month

Because that is when they risked their lives,

So wear a poppy today.


Remember their families,

The mums who lost their sons, 

I couldn’t cope just like them

So wear a poppy today.

By Ellis 


Remembrance Day Poem


Poppies are colourful

Poppies are great.

They grow in Flanders fields

With their shields.

You see people wear them

To show respect

For the soldiers. 


Soldiers fought for our country

They didn’t deserve to die. 

I feel so gloomy

When I think of Flanders fields.

I see the soldiers

Fighting war.


The war is over

Now it’s gone.

Hitler is dead 

And now war is over.

So we thank the soldiers that give their lives 

To keep us alive

R.I.P to all the soldiers


By Shea

The Pure Poppy


The poppies grew in the fields of France,

In the wind they seem to dance.

Prancing through the fields of France;

The soldiers aren’t in the mood to dance.


Danger’s lurking round the corner,

There’s a scary gunner.

Hitler, Hitler hated the Jews;

I wonder why he loved to choose.


WW2 was started by Hitler,

I wonder why he was really so bitter?

Italy, Italy ended the war;

I think England wanted more.

By Aaron