Religious Education


We recognise that Christ is at the centre of our school and the teaching of Religious Education is at the heart of the curriculum and ethos of St John’s Catholic Primary School. This permeates through every aspect of school life. We believe that, through example and teaching, our children will come to know of God’s love and compassion for everyone, and work towards living by the Gospel values following the example that Jesus gave us to “Love one another as I have loved you.”  We hope to foster a sensitive and reflective attitude to life.

We firmly believe that

Christ is the centre of our school community where we live, love and learn together”

The aim of Religious Education in St John’s Catholic Primary School is to provide a programme that takes into account the religious and educational needs of our children. It is for all. It is a collaborative activity which respects and promotes the child’s innate capacity for wonder, awe and reverence i.e. for the ‘spiritual’.

Our aims are:

  •  For RE to be a core subject central to the life of our school, taught discreetly and developmentally.
  • To engage with the deepest questions of life, deepening knowledge and understanding and the application to life itself.
  • To provide opportunities to apply and use their knowledge and skills in cross-curricular studies to deepen their understanding and think creatively.
  • For pupils and staff to engage with their own and others’ beliefs and values so that we all have a love of learning and a desire to go on learning.
  • To engage with questions of meaning and purpose enabling others to think critically about their own questions of meaning and purpose.
  • To offer children a sense of self worth through their experience of belonging to a caring community and an awareness of the demands of religious commitment in everyday life.

The outcome of Religious Education is:

‘religiously literate and engaged young people who have the knowledge, understanding and skills – appropriate to their age and capacity – to reflect spiritually, and think ethically and theologically, and who are aware of the demands of the religious commitment in everyday life.’ 

RE Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools 2012

In order to achieve this we follow the Liverpool Archdiocesan R.E. programme “Come and See”.

All year groups follow the same theme but study different topics.

In addition to the topics studied, one week is dedicated to Judaism and one week to Islam.

Religious Education - Long Term Plans 2018-19


Early Years

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3                   

Year 4

Year 5


Year 6

Domestic church family


God knows and loves each one


God’s love and care for every family


God at every beginning


God’s dream for every family


The family of God in Scripture


Created in the image & likeness of God


God who never stops loving

Baptism / confirmation belonging


Baptism; a welcome to God’s family


Baptism an invitation to belong to

God’s family

Signs & symbols

Signs & symbols in Baptism


Promises made at Baptism


Confirmation:a call to witness

Life choices Marriage commitment and service

Vocation & commitment The vocation of priesthood and religious life

Advent/ Christmas loving


Looking forward to Jesus’ birthday


Advent a time to look forward to Christmas


Advent; preparing to celebrate Christmas


Advent: waiting for the coming of Jesus


God’s gift of love &

friendship in Jesus


Advent; waiting in joyful hope for Jesus; the promised one


Jesus born to show God to the world


Local church community


People celebrate in Church

Special people

People in the parish family


The books used in  Church

Journeys Christian family’s journey with Jesus

Community life in the local Christian community: ministries in the parish


Continuing Jesus’ mission in diocese [ecumenism]


The Bible, the special book for the Church


Eucharist relating


The parish family gathers to celebrate Eucharist


Mass; Jesus’ special



Mass a special time for saying thank you to God for everything,

especially Jesus

Listening & sharing

Jesus gives himself to us in a

special way

Giving & receiving

Living in communion

Memorial sacrifice

The Eucharist the living memorial of Jesus’ sacrifice


Eucharist enables people to live in communion.

Lent/Easter giving


Looking forward to Easter


Lent a time for change


Lent; an opportunity to start anew in order to celebrate Jesus’ new life

Giving all

Lent a time to remember Jesus’ total giving

Self discipline

Celebrating growth to new life


Lent a time of aligning with the sacrifice already made by Jesus

Death & new life

Celebrating Jesus’ death & resurrection


Pentecost serving

Good News

Passing on the Good news of Jesus

Holidays & holydays

Pentecost: feast of the Holy Spirit

Spread the word

Pentecost a time to spread the Good News


Gifts of the Holy


New life

To hear & live the

Easter message


Celebration of the Spirit’s transforming power


The Holy Spirit enables people to become witnesses





Friends of Jesus

Being sorry

God helps us to choose well Sacrament of Reconciliation


Reasons for rules in the Christian family Sacrament of Reconciliation


The importance of examination of conscience Sacrament of Reconciliation

Building bridges

Admitting wrong, being reconciled with God and each other Sacrament of Reconciliation

Freedom & responsibility

Commandments enable Christians to be free & responsible


Sacrament of the Sick


Universal Church world

Our world

God’s wonderful world


Neighbours share God’s world


God’s treasure; the world

Special places

Holy places for Jesus & the Christian

God’s people

Different saints show people what God is like


The Church is called to the stewardship of Creation

Common good

Work of the worldwide Christian fa

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