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Reflection Point 3

Our group completed their third Reflection point activity which will lead to the Faith in Action Award from the Liverpool Archdiocese.

We used the parable of the Mustard Seed and watched the tiny seed grow (in felt on the display board!) from its planting to a huge, sturdy tree where birds wanted to make their nests.

The group then looked at how Jesus started his ministry in a small town in a small country and as he gathered followers the Good News spread across the world.

They then realised that something similar had happened with Faith Friends! They had started from a small group and spread the Good News across the school and parish communities.Therefor, they drew their own tree and added onto it those groups and individuals who had heard more about Jesus because of their work.

Finally, they created Prayer Flags  which showed in words, pictures and symbols, the reasons why they had grown and how they thought they could continue to grow.

The final Reflection Point  will be at the Y6 Retreat