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Rainforest, Easter Eggs & more

LSSP Dance Festival

We are very proud of the girls in our year group who recently took part in the LSSP Dance Festival. They had been practising for a long time to create a unique dance performance to perform in-front of the 10 others schools that were there. They did fantastic!

Children In Need

For children in need everyone in school wore spots to school to raise awareness. It was a really fun day with lots of activities. The funniest was when one of our teaching assistants Mr Williams arrived in with matching pyjamas as his children who also attend our school. 

World Maths Day

On Thursday 7th March we celebrated World Maths Day. We had a fun filled day of Maths challenges and problem solving activities and an achievement assembly to celebrate with some lucky children even winning prizes for their quick thinking skills. 

The Rainforest

In Year 5 during our Geography lessons we get to explore the Rainforest. We have had some fun art lessons bringing rainforest animals alive and onto our walls with the help of watercolours, pastels, and college techniques. We even get to hold and experience some of the interesting animals that live in the Rainforest when our visitor comes in for a focus day. Please click here to see more pictures.

Easter Egg Competition

Every Easter we get the chance to design an egg and take part in a school competition.  It is an exciting day and full of imagination the designs are excellent and we think deserve to be in an art gallery. 

Easter Assembly

During the Easter week in school, every year group gets the opportunity to lead an assembly. Year 5 acted out Jesus cleanses the temple. It is a time for the whole school to come together and remember the importance of Easter and what Jesus went through.