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Personification Poems

After reading Michael Rosen’s poem “Attack” it gave our class the idea to create personification poetry.

"Personification is when a writer gives an object the qualities of a person."


We decided with the theme from poetry week being light, we would make our house come alive in the morning as the light began to come through the curtains.


The House That Never Sleeps

The house began to blink its eyes


As the curtains danced across my room


The softest pillow hugged my dreamy head as I woke up


The tooth paste danced into my mouth


I ran down the round stairs while saying my prayers


I sat on the couch and it gave a shout


The spoons jumped and the cups began to stomp


The TV began to shout and all the children ran out


The kettle began to sing as the telephone started to ring


By Amelia 



The House Is Alive!

I open the curtains and the light danced in.

My eyes began to wake as the windows began to shake.


My soft pillow hugs my head as I get out of bed

The carpet tickles my feet, oh what a lovely treat


I hear the plates and cups clattering and chatting

As the cupboard doors began clapping


The toothpaste started tingling

While the mouthwash started giggling.


As I walk down the noisy stairs the pictures glare

The spoons are twirling while the cups are turning


As the milk hopped down to the ground

I found a pound, oh what a lovely surprise


The telly starting singing

While the children started digging


The Hoover roared as it done the chores

Everybody was slamming doors


The washing machine started talking to the dryer

While it was on fire


By Ava 




As I wake up my warm blanket hugs me


I open my blinds the windows peer out


As I walk down the stairs the carpet tickles my feet


When I turn the fire on the flames dance


As I make my cup of coffee the kettle whispers


I go outside the flowers smile and nod


When I open my mail box it begins to talk


I put my TV on and it begins to chat


I nearly sat on the cat


The washing machine screams like an airplane


Time to get ready to start my day!


By Cole 





The curtains tip toed across the wall

As the sun light stretched out its arms


The windows peered out, looking very cross

Mum shouted "get up!" she is the boss


I walked down stairs and the TV spoke

The hoover began to choke


I sat on the sofa the carpet tickled my feet

As I fell into another deep sleep


The cereal jumped out of the bowl

And the milk began to roll


I started yawning and the fridge started talking


The plates where dancing in the cupboard

They smashed, crashed and dashed


The door yelled as it opened "Hello, good morning!"


By Jack 




The Dancing House

My soft pillow hugs my head

Then I jump out of bed

The carpet tickles my feet

The toothpaste hugged my teeth

I could hear the beautiful breeze singing


The table and chairs danced across the kitchen

The cups talked to teach other

The windows began to blink

The dishes jumped into the sink


By Jessica 




The House That Comes Alive!

As the light shines through I wake to go to the loo


My pillow gives me a hug but I am very snug


As the window blinks the blinds dance


Down the stairs the plates jump and the cups stomp


I could hear the kettle sing and whistle


Just then my spoon twirled around the cup like a ballerina


The toothbrush was zooming around my mouth like a go cart


As I looked out of the window the daisies, the roses and the dandelion’s nodded their heads.


Nobody wanted to get out of bed


As I walked in to the living room my fire turned on


And the TV sang a song


As I sat on the couch, it tickled me so much



By Jess 




Time to Rise

As the fire starts to prance

The chimney begins to dance all the way to the clouds


The curtains begin to shiver as the window's blink their eyes

The plates start to chatter as everyone begins to rise


Mums not very happy because the TV woke with growl

My slippers are blue and my dogs like to chew


I wish the washing machine didn't have to talk in its dream

Just then my kettle gave a scream

It thinks its flying in space because it makes that sound



My toothpaste turned in my mouth

As the woman made a shout

Why does my house have to come alive?

Is it because there is a witch inside?


The floorboards cackle merrily as siblings walk past

Also the pictures on the wall give me a glance


By McKenzie 





When I get up in the morning my pillow hugs my head,

Then the carpet tickles my feet,

The stairs say “hi” as I walk by,

My silk uniform lays across the bed

As my wardrobe stretches out and nearly reaches my head

              My cereal prances in the bowl before I gobble it up

The kettle whistle as I walked passed

The cups and plates began to dance

The toaster popped and gave a roar


By Paisley 





The Crazy House


The curtains began to dance

As the light began to prance into my room

The blanket wrapped its arms around me in my bed

The carpet tickled my feet

The toothpaste and the mouthwash all start giggling


The cups started to chat to each other

The fork and spoon didn’t even bother

The floorboards started to squeak

The toaster popped and the toast began to peek

The door gave a giant yawn


By Rebecca