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At St John's, we pride ourselves on valuing all children whatever their ability or age. We believe this is supported by Personal, Social and Health education (PSHE). These subjects interlink to enhance self-esteem, self-discipline, positive relationships and are an important part of our pupils' education. We understand these to be vital skills as they empower our pupils to have knowledge of and ask questions which tackle today’s societal hurdles. Evidence shows that an effective and well-delivered PSHE programme has an impact on both academic and non-academic outcomes for pupils.

Our whole school celebration assemblies are a special way in which we celebrate success. We feel St John's gives our children a clear indication of what's right and wrong; whilst feeling safe and aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle in all of our children. We also put the mental wellbeing of our children at the forefront; this is exemplified by the ‘zones of regulation’ boards in each classroom where children can identify and discuss their emotions.

At St John's, we use the ‘Jigsaw’ PSHE education programme to equip our pupils with a sound understanding of risk and the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions. ‘Jigsaw’ is a mindful approach to PSHE. This means the children are taught to be aware of their thoughts and feelings throughout the programme, whilst accepting that others may have differing opinions.

It is a comprehensive scheme of learning which covers ‘Emotional Literacy’ and the British Values. We place an emphasis on active learning by facilitating child-led discussions, investigations and problem-solving activities. Children are encouraged to take part in activities that promote citizenship, such as our school council, circle time, assemblies and visits.

We are extremely proud of the way in which our school community works together to promote a healthy, stimulating environment where children can learn happily.

PSHE/Journey in Love


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