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Our Local Area Walk

Year 1 have been learning about our local area, ‘Kirkdale’. We went on a walk to see what features of the area we could spot. 

We really like the new houses that have been built opposite our school.

We walked past the Priest’s house.  
The Priest's house is opposite St. John’s Church.
The Fountains Children’s Centre is close to our school. Some of us went there when we were younger.
We are pleased that in the roads around our school there are speed bumps. This means that the drivers have to drive slowly.
Building work is happening at the moment at the bottom of Fountains Road. More new homes are being built. I wonder if we will have new children starting our school if they move into our area.
We walked past the corner shop. You can buy newspaper, bread, milk and also sweets in there! 

We noticed that a lot of the bins we walked past were full. That means that if we have rubbish we can’t put it into the bin. We agreed that we would carry our rubbish with us until we found another bin or even take it home with us. We wouldn’t throw litter on the floor. None of us liked to see litter on the roads.

We did not like to see that the grass area on Orwell Road had been burnt because a bonfire had been built there. Many of us felt that this piece of land could be used for other things such as a shop or even a duck pond. 
We went into the park off Sessions Road and had great fun playing in there for a while. 

This road sign is on Sessions Road very close to our school. It tells drivers to be careful when driving because they are close to a school and so many children will be crossing the road. It helps to keep us safe.