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Online Safety

Staying Safe Online in School and at Home.

Using the internet is a huge part of our daily routine, whether this is through researching, computing or using educational apps, so here at St John's, we are committed to ensuring every child can use the internet respectfully and safely.


The school’s Online Safety, Acceptable Use, Twitter and Safeguarding policies clearly outline the way in which the school uses technology and the measures in place to ensure safe and responsible use by all.


Children are taught about online safety in a number of ways including through PSHE, computing and specific days such as internet safety day. Please see our PSHE and Computing Long Term plans for more information.

Useful Posters:

To visit the website with a broader range of informative posters, please click here.

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Ways to be kind online


Useful Websites:

To ensure children understand the importance of online safety, both in school and at home, here are some useful links to help parents keep their children safe:

Kids Zone

A link to our Online Safety page in the Kids Zone section of the St John's Website, please click here.