More Able

More Able and Gifted Pupils

At St John’s Primary school we promise to deliver a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that strives for excellence in all areas within a happy, secure and stimulating environment where every child’s effort is valued and all pupils encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our Most Able pupils are those who are working at a level far beyond their age expectation and compared with other children in their year group. We recognise that there will be a number of more able pupils needing support and development through curriculum by extension and enrichment.

The purpose of identifying children as ‘More Able’ is to make sure that every child experiences a broad and challenging curriculum that is matched to their ability. Children who are ‘More Able’ will be continually reviewed on a termly basis as primary pupils' progress may fluctuate. This does not mean that the child has not made progress or they have gone backwards in their learning, it may mean that other children in their year group are now working at a similar level.  

Just as all parents are involved with their child’s progress and their targets, the parents of ‘More Able’ children will also be involved in their child’s progress. During parent evenings they will be provided with their child’s suggested targets which will correspond with higher level skills in areas relating to the child’s strengths. As with all children the class teacher will discuss with you their ideas for provision to support the child in achieving their targets.

What do we provide our More Able Pupils?

We aim to recognise the more able pupils by providing a range of identification strategies that incorporates information from a variety sources. Once identified, we will provide effective teaching and learning to ensure the More Able pupils are challenged.

The more able pupils are challenged everyday in their learning, as pupils are often given differentiated work tasks but through these tasks they are given a greater challenge.  Most of our More Able pupils are given the same tasks as their peers; however, teachers at St John’s would expect to see a higher level outcome and would encourage pupils to aim high. In Year 6 those children who are more able are challenged to work at a Level 6 standard.

We our proud of our extra curricular activities at St John’s and within these activities we offer a wide range of sporting opportunities, through after school clubs and inter-school tournaments.  Updates regarding our school’s sporting achievements can be found on our PE section on our