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Maths Monday

Maths Monday
Reception Maths Workshop
2016 – 2017
Throughout the year parents, relatives and carers of Reception children are invited to join their children in a key maths lesson in their classrooms. There will be 6 different workshops held throughout the year, each one focussing on an important objective from the Mathematics section of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Parents receive an invitation to their session, once completed each child takes home a certificate and a special sticker to say they have taken part. 
During the sessions the parents and helpers first join in with an interactive carpet session. The details of these are shared on a special information sheet, which details exactly why we are teaching the lesson and what we want the children to achieve. The children and helpers then go to the areas of the classroom in which a selection of practical activities are set up to engage the children and encourage practical maths learning. 
Our first session was based on Repeated Patterns. This is a vital element of the curriculum, and it is really important that the children get as many opportunities as possible to practice this, in a range of practical ways. The parents and helpers are given ideas and encouraged to continue practising the objective in as many ways as possible at home. 
Our second session was based around counting and ordering numbers. Parents and helpers worked with the children to count the correct number of items to go with a numeral, and also to sequence numbers to 10. Children are challenged at home to extend the counting and sequencing to numbers to 20!
Subsequent Maths Workshops will be based on the following objectives:
  • One more/ one less
  • Doubling and Halving
  • Adding and Subtracting
  • Sharing 
Please enjoy looking at our gallery of photos of our Maths Workshops.