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Martin Mere Nature Reserve

Living things and their habitats.

As part of this topic, today the year group visited Martin Mere Nature Reserve.  While we were there, we had the opportunity to observe living things in their habitats first hand and benefit from specialist teacher led activities.

Our class started with a hunt of invertebrates in a dark, damp woodland area.  We learnt how to collect the creatures safely and took part in various activities that encouraged us to think about the structure and classification of creatures.  We also learnt that all living creatures, including the ones we had seen, play an important role in preserving our environment.

After lunch, we were shown how to collect creatures from the water.  We enjoyed searching for various creatures and tried to avoid getting wet!  Together, we looked at some of our finds in the classroom and learnt how to think of their structures in order to identify them.  We talked about how the creatures survived in the water and what they ate then we went on to identify different simple food chains.