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Martin Mere

Year 4 recently had a class trip to Martin Mere. During the trip the children learnt about why animals are suited to certain habitats and how to identify animals when they’re found. The trip was split into three parts. The children explored the woodlands and hunted for mini beasts. When they found a mini beast, using their equipment, they placed them in a tray to be identified. To identify the huge range of mini beasts the children were given a glossary of mini beasts to spot and name them. 
They also explored which animals live in ponds and how they live in ponds. To do this, the children used nets for pond dipping and placed anything they found in a tray of water. The staff at Martin Mere explained how each of the animals is adapted to live under water. It was very exciting when Gracie caught a fish!
To finish the day the children had time to play in the adventure playground and complete a wild walk of the grounds at Martin Mere. Some of the children felt very brave and managed to feed some of the birds by hand! It was an excellent day and the children learnt a lot of new information to help them in their science topic ‘Living things in their habitats.’