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Look what we've been up to!


We had a visit from Dr John Hill. He is an archaeologist who told us all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We held the rib of a wolly mammoth, it's tooth and even tried on some Stone Age jewellery!

We were lucky enough to take part in a First Aid workshop. Ask us abouot DRSABC and our new song for CPR. 

To celebrate Black History Month, we welcomed One Day Creative into our classroom. We re-enacted freeze frames about inspiring figures in British Black history and discussed the importance of this month in a creative and interactive way. 


In Computing, we have been working hard to develop our programming skills. We wrote and de-bugged multi-step algorithms and also introduced costumes and repetition. We have been looking at the features of an email and created our own email filled with suggestions for new equipment for our playground. 

Fundraising for CAFOD

Here we are raising money for CAFOD. Prior to going outside, we took part in an activity where we discussed the importance of our Santa Dash, why we were taking part and the fantastic fundraising work that CAFOD do annually. 

Our Scientific Trip to the Catalyst Museum

We took part in a workshop about rocks, fossils and volcanoes. We made our very own volcanic eruption, created our own fossil and explored all things Science in the galleries. 



We were given a brief to create a healthy packed lunch. After researching, we created our very own success criteria, discussed the importance of a traffic light system and used this information to create our very own shopping list filled with healither decisions. Then came the fun bit! We designed and created our very own sandwiches and evaluated the taste.