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Look what our year group have been up to! (2022-23)

Christmas Carol 

Through their music lessons children practised and performed a range of Christmas Carols for the whole school. They had voices of angels. 



Year 6 have been using their drawing skills to create war soldier portraits (young and old). Aren't they brilliant? 

Times Table Rock Star Day 

Year 6 enjoyed dressing up as Rock Stars for the day to celebrate Times Table Rock Star Day. Throughout the day, the children complete a number of timetable games and competed in Times Table battles between classes. 

Western Approaches

Year 6 had a fantastic day at Western Approaches war museum. We had the opportunity to walk through hidden rooms and discover the stories locked in the WW2 bunker. Children had the chance to study original WWII artefacts and discover the impact the war had on the people of Liverpool. It was a brilliant day!

The second column.

Science -Making Blood 

We used Cheerios to represent the red blood cells 🔴, marshmallows to represent the white blood cells ⚪️and pom-poms to represent the platelets. This was a little bit messy but so much fun!