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Look at what we have been up to!

Mental Health Week

During mental health week, we took part in some mindfulness yoga, learning how to strengthen both our body and mind.


Year 4 have become 'historians' using our enquiry skills to analyse a range of primary and secondary sources, gaining information about the opening of the Queensway Mersey tunnel. Ask us what we found out.

Managing our emotions/problems session

We've recently had sessions over 6 weeks with LSSP to assist with our personal development, learning how to keep both our body and minds healthy. Our favourite active session was colour coding different problems into a traffic light system and then discussing strategies of how to solve each one.



Coding in Computing

Year 4 love coding in computing with our specialist teacher, Miss Rogan!

Estimation Station!

We love using our estimation station in school. Each day, clues are revealed, so we can make our estimates more accurate. Here are our recent winners!


Making Mountains

In Geography, we loved learning about contour lines on maps. We explored how the lines show us the size and height of each mountain then created some using play-doh!


Gymnastics World Championship

Some Year 4 children were lucky enough to attend the M&S Bank Arena and watch the gymnastics competitions. They had a fantastic time and took part in some gymnastics activities themselves!


Trip to Roman Chester

Year 4 visited Chester to experience all things Roman! We visited the real Roman amphitheatre, walked through roman baths and visited the Deva museum. We loved learning about gladiators, soldier training, battle formations and their huge empire.


Times Table Rock Star Day 


Year 4 great a time celebrating Times Table Rock Star day! Throughout the day the children participated in many fun timetables games and competed in Times Table Rock Star Battles between the classes. 

 Science-Digestive System 

In Science, we constructed the human digestive system and can now name and identify all the parts of the digestive system. We found out the length of the small and large intestines and were very surprised by the measurements!



We’ve been practising our reading fluency skills by performing poetry from Joseph Coelho aloud. We changed our expression through volume, pitch, speed and tone. So entertaining!