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Local History

We are very proud of our locality here in St John's, so we love to learn all about the history of Liverpool! As a school we have all focused on a different achievement in Liverpool's History then shared our knowledge in a celebration assembly! 

Year 1 - The History of Shopping - Year 1 look at the history and chronology of shopping. We focus on how money has changed through the years and the introduction of using card/devices to pay. Children will also look at how method of shopping has changed from local shops to more online shopping.

Year 2 - The History of our Local Football Clubs - Year 2 explore the achievements of Everton and Liverpool Football clubs beginning with the most significant merseyside derbies. Children will look at the changes in the football stadiums, changes in the community, equality in football and the significance of Hillsborough.

Year 3 - The Beatles - We begin by looking at how musical devices have changed over time before focussing on how the Beatles changed the look of music and their amazing worldwide achievements.

Year 4 - John Alexander Brodie - J.A.Brodie was responsible for the introduction of football nets, the use of concrete slabs as insulation and the engineering of the Queensway Mersey tunnel!

Year 5 - Dr William Henry Duncan, the medical officer of health - We explore how Liverpool was before Dr Duncan and how he introduced improved sewage systems, designated washing stations and clean water taps into homes. 

Year 6 - Our local war heroes - We explore the brave men and women from Liverpool who fought in WW1 and WW2 by exploring the census. We then look into the sinking of the Lusitania.