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Horror Stories

In English, the year 6 children have been writing short horror stories. They have selected a few for you to read and they hope you enjoy reading them, as much as they enjoyed writing them. 

Halloween Devil

“Grandad can you tell me a scary Halloween story?” asked Julie. 

“Of course dear, shall I tell you a true story about our family many years ago, before you were born?” I replied

“You were born? When was that 1001?” Said Tom

“Ha, ha, no.”

Everyone sat around their grandad and eagerly waited to hear his horror story.

“One frosty winter’s night, our family decided to have a family reunion so they could catch up with each other. They ate their food and drank their drinks. After a while, they decided to play a game, a game of calling the Halloween devil. Minutes passed by and nothing happened so they continued to talk, laugh and joke together. When all of a sudden, they heard banging above them, it was coming from upstairs. Then the banging came from the barn outside.

 “What was that?” screamed Susan.

As the minutes past by, the banging seemed to get louder and louder, it also seemed to be getting closer and closer.

“It’s getting closer! Someone needs to see what it is!” Lucy shouted.

“I will,” Bob volunteered as he took a step toward the door, his heart beating quicker. He threw his coat on and took a big gulp, as he slowly opened the door. “Be safe” Lucy cried as she gave him a big kiss

“I will, just don’t worry about me” Bob heroically said, while going out of the door.

He walked around searching, swiftly looking left and right. His knees knocked together and his breathing became shallower. Soon he thought it was just the wind banging the door of the barn, he looked down kicking the stones on the ground. Finally, picking his head up, he saw a large figure with skin as red as blood and horns as black as coal, standing in front of him. It was the devil of Halloween. Before Bob knew what was happening, the figure plunged his razor sharp nails in his chest. Bob, fell down on his knees struggling for breath, tears rolled down his face, he screamed but no sound came out. The devil let out a sinister laugh as he ate his flesh and left him to rot in an old field.

Meanwhile, in the mansion the rest were worrying about him.

“It’s been half an hour now I’m really starting to worry about him” Lucy explained. Hours later, the clock struck twelve and they decided to go to bed. All except for one, Lucy, she was determined to find her brother so she sneaked out quietly.

She followed her brother’s tracks, up the hill and stopped by a field where her brother’s tracks ended. After a while, she decided she was going a go by the river. Suddenly, in the corner of her eye she saw a figure. Lucy thought she was hallucinating but then she saw it again. Her heart started pounding, sweat trickled down her face. Suddenly, she heard a noise behind her. Before she knew what was happening, she was in the water. Something was holding her down. She flapped her hands and legs up and down and then suddenly stopped. The devil laughed out and turned around, out of the blue Lucy stood up and smashed a piece of rock on its head and speedily ran into a local shop. The devil followed her, even more outraged than ever. He barged in and chased her continuously in circles throwing items around.

Finally, Lucy escaped through the back door and ran home, struggling for breath with a terrible pain in her back. Once she was in the house safely, she ran upstairs and woke up Rose. “Why the devil?” she cried out.

“What devil? There’s nothing there! Are your sure you haven’t just got a headache?” asked Rose

“The Halloween devil is now after us because we summoned him. He is out there planning his next attack and how his next victim is going to suffer.” Tears rolled down his face as she wiped them away. Lucy realized it was hopeless, Rose didn’t believe her so she decided to get some rest.

As the hours flew by, the sun rose and everyone in the house had started to wake.  Lucy was missing.

“Where’s Lucy? Has she been looking for Bob?” asked her mum.

“Oh no, where are they? Is this a prank? It’s not funny,” said their auntie Dolly, her heart started to beat faster. Suddenly, the floor boards creaked above them and the chandelier shuck. The door suddenly swung open.

“What is happening? Why is the door opening?” Dolly horrifyingly cried out, tears rolled down her face. She dropped to her knees, shaking uncontrollably. There stood the Halloween devil dragging Lucy’s body behind him. “Silly girl should have stayed in bed instead of looking for her brother.” He sneered.

They shouldn’t have taken the Halloween devil for granted, he had a thirst for blood and he wanted it now. From that moment, they needed to escape but how? They didn’t know what was happening or what was out there. They all huddled together. Later that day the police called to the house and found everyone in the Donna family home slaughtered, all except one.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Did you enjoy it kids? Kids, kids where are you?”

Later that night, the children were found dead in the wardrobe and Mr. Dingle was accused of their murder. He was sentenced to life in prison but he knew it was the Halloween devil and that he shouldn’t have told them, the story of what happened that night and that he was the only one to survive.

By Amiee


Operation Time

“Hey Hilary, I dare you to go in to that abandoned hospital. I have heard that it is been abandoned for 12 years and a ghost haunts it, oooooohhh.” giggled Zack.  “You will never do it!”

“Do you know what? I am going to do it,” Hilary informed Zack, she had to prove she wasn’t scared.

Without flinching, Hilary opened the door. She cautiously entered, gripping onto her school jacket for comfort. Suddenly, the door slammed behind her making her jump. The rate of her heart began to pick up. Strange noises from the distance were coming closer but yet she couldn’t see anything. Her palms started to become sweaty. “Get a grip, it’s not real, it’s all in your head,” she said to herself.

Hilary began to explore the hospital when something shiny caught her attention and out of the corner of her eye she insistently recognized the metal surgical equipments hanging on the wall, they looked brand new. “That’s strange, this hospital has been abandoned for years,” she mumbled to herself. Debating whether she should pick them up or leave them alone but before she could even decide if she wanted to pick them up, she saw a strange shadow. When she turned around nothing was there but she had a strange feeling that someone was watching her. There was a voice inside her head telling her to quickly leave the room. Swiftly, she went out of the room leaving the gleaming brand new equipment.

Wishing that she never had come into the hospital she entered an operation room when something dripped on her neck, it started to become numb. Her mouth went dry as she tried to swallow. She began to panic when she noticed black goop on the floor. On closer inspection she got more confused as to what it was. Eventually, she recognised that it was blood. Stepping away, she clumsily slipped, banging her head on the floor. When she came to, she saw a usual figure standing in the corner of the room. It started to come closer by the seconds so she scrambled away. Her heart was racing and her palms became sweaty. She was distracted with trying to find her way out, the hospital corridors was like a maze, when the strange figure appeared again. She spotted the exit beyond the foyer so she sprinted towards the door. Once she reach it, she pashed it but it didn’t open. Tears ran down her face, she struggled for a while trying to open it but it still wouldn’t open. The strange figure was getting closer, her heart was beating vigorously. With all her strength, she pushed once more.

The door swung open, she ran towards the exit in the foyer. In the dim light she could see the only thing that was in her way was a surgical table. Not letting that defeat her, she swiftly climbed over it. Crashing through the entrance doors, she made it out of the hospital. Zack was standing there waiting. Holding her chest, she knelt down on the ground, tears rolled down her face. “I made it!” she signed

“Behind you!” shouted Zack, as quick as a flash it grabbed her. Her scream was deafening. Zack ran away as quick as he could, not looking back until he reached the safety of his home. Her body was never found and Zack never spoke to anyone of what happened that night. He always blamed himself for her death.

By Christy


Trick or Treat

This was their normal place to play hide and seek, the eerie graveyard but tonight wasn’t like any normal night it was Halloween.

“You count up to 30, and no cheating,” said Anthony.

“Okay, okay I won’t cheat,” said Chloe.   

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.”Chloe counted.

“Are you finished?” Chloe asked but she got no answer back, none at all.

“I know your behind that rock Anthony, you can’t fool me,” Chloe laughed.

After a while of searching for Anthony, she still hadn’t found him. Her palms started to get sweaty and her heart was racing. Where was Anthony!! She kept thinking to herself.

“Maybe I should just get going home, my mum will want me in, and he has probably gone home now anyway.” She convinced herself. 

On the way out of the graveyard Chloe’s heart was still racing so she decided to run towards the exit. She noticed on the ground were bones, gravestones and dead flowers next to graves. Her stomach turned and a lump came in their throat. Chloe could feel the howling wind against her face. After a couple of minutes, she saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye. Quickly, she turned around but nobody was there, nobody at all. Sweat started to trickle down her face and her breathing increased. Chloe was worried about Anthony, he was playing on her mind. “I need to get out of here!” Tears rolled down her face.

Plucking up the courage to move, she started to walk down the path. A big, black pool of goo came trickling down the path, down into the graveyard. Chloe, felt something sticky on her shoe, on closer inspection it was red, and instantly she knew it was blood. But whose blood is it? Deep down, she knew. She fell to the floor onto her knees and cried into her hands. 

 Loud footsteps distracted her thoughts. Quickly, she got up and started to run towards the exit. The exit was locked. Tears flooded her eyes, her heart was pounding. And there is the distance she saw him, blood dripping off his hands. She paused. She knew who it was.

“Anthony it’s you I can’t believe it, I thought you were dead.” Chloe cried.

Anthony gave her a sinister smile and laughed! He had blood all over him.

“It was you! What have you done?” cried Chloe. Anthony said nothing. The silence was deafening.

Out of the corner of her eye, Chloe noticed part of the fence was broken. Slowly, she started to move towards it. Quickly, she started to pull back the wooden panel, when she felt Anthony’s hands grab her leg. Kicking with her free leg she managed to get through the fence. She ran and kept running. She darted through the traffic, with Anthony following close behind her. Not daring to look back, she kept on running. All of a sudden, Chloe heard a screeching of brakes and a loud thump. She knew then what had happened but she kept running until she arrived safely home.

The following day, the news told of a boy being killed by a car after a tragic accident with a horror prank gone wrong.

By Ella


Wanna Play? 

“Grandad, can you tell me a story please? Make it a scary one!” exclaimed Jack while jumping up and down on the dark broken couch.

“Ok then but calm down first. Do you want it to be real? A childhood one?” asked Grandad.

“Oooo, yes, I’d love that” replied Jack

“Ok but let me put the fire on first.” When the fire was lit, you could hear the crackling of it and then I dimmed the lights to make it a bit spookier.

“It was a dark, gloomy Halloween night and I was left alone in my house. My job was to open the door for all the children. I loved seeing all the costumes and their makeup. Suddenly, I heard a loud bang on my door so I grabbed the bowl of sweets and quickly opened the door.

“Hi, I’m Annabelle, Wanna play?”

The girl had a dirty white gown with what looked like a plastic knife. I thought it was really good costume. I quickly gave her some sweets and shut the door. For some reason I got butterflies in my stomach and I don’t know why. Then, there was another loud knock once more. I decided not to open the door this time because I knew it was that little girl. I tried to settle back to playing on my computer. Then I hear a noise, instead of banging, I heard scratching on the door like a cat with sharp claws. My heart started racing and sweat started to form on my forehead. I didn’t know what to do. In that moment, I realized that this girl was not a normal girl. I decided to go look out of the window. She was still standing there. She looked at me fiercely and she appeared outside of the window.

She said it again. “Hi, I’m Annabelle, Wanna play?”

I tried to runaway but something was stopping me. I tried and tried but I couldn’t. Then I realized what she was going to do. My heart started pounding out of my chest, my knees became weak and my palms became sweaty. All of a sudden, she smashed through the window and was holding me tight, I couldn’t move. I screamed and screamed but it was no use, no one could hear me.

Finally, with all my strength I managed to get free. I ran away as fast as I could and ran upstairs and I hid under my bed. At this point, tears rolled down my face, realizing my loud sobs would let her know where I was. I knew I had to stay quiet and stay calm so she couldn’t find me. Suddenly, the lights started flickering. My breathing became rapid. Then the windows opened wide and all the curtains fell off. I was hoping that my mum or anyone would just come home.

Slowly, the door creaked open and already I knew who it was. I thought to myself, “This is it, I might as well die.”

“I will find you… wherever you are.” whispered Annabelle.

I started shivering and hugging myself. I thought that I will die. I tried to think of all the happy times but all that I was thinking about was that I was going to be killed by this frightening little girl.

“Where are you? Don’t hide from me… Don’t be afraid.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Right son, time to go to bed, we don’t want you getting nightmares”

“But grandad I want to hear the end of it,” cried Jack.

“Come on brush your teeth and straight to bed.”

“Ok, ok, but will you tell me the rest tomorrow?”

“If your still here then I will…”

“What do you mean granddad?”

A bang at the door made everyone jump. They heard it again, it was getting louder.


With my heart pounding I started remembering what happened all those years ago. I knew this it was time for this to happen again. I didn’t want to tell my grandson but now I had to. I slowly opened the door.

“Hi, I’m Annabelle, I’m back… to play.”

Appearing at my side my grandson asked,. “Grandad who is it?”

“Hi Jack, I’m Annabelle, Wanna play?

“JACK, GO UPSTAIRS AND HIDE NOW!” I also decided to quickly run upstairs and hide with Jack. We hid under the bed and I told him to stay quiet and calm.

Whispering I told him what happened all those years ago. “Jack, the story you have heard from me tonight, it’s real. This little girl comes back to me every Halloween and that’s why you have never came trick or treating with me.”

“How did you get rid of her last time, grandad?” whispered Jack, his hands shaking as he held on tight to me.

“Well, if the clock strikes twelve and she doesn’t kill anyone she will disappear and it is now half an hour till twelve. So we have to survive half an hour with her.

“I’m scared grandad…”

“I know you are but you have to brave son.” Minutes pasted and suddenly she walked in.

“Where are you little one? I want to play!”

“Stay quiet son, she won’t find us” I whispered to him trying to make him calm.

“You don’t have to hide now I can see you…”

Suddenly, my grandson had started to be pulled from under the bed, I grabbed his arm but she was too strong that I lost my grip. His fingers dug into the carpet trying to hold on. I looked at the time, 10 more minutes to go. Then I shouted. “Don’t worry jack I’m going to help you!” I quickly crawled out from under the bed. To my horror I could the girl strangling Jack, his body was going limp, he was trying to scream. I got hold of his hand and I pulled, she let go and looked at me, her eyes were red with anger.  “Quick Jack, run!” I managed to scream.

We quickly ran out of the house into the back garden. Suddenly… without realizing she was standing right behind us. She stirred at us with horror. I looked once more at the time.

“I will get you next time…” she said and she disappeared.

“Well done son! You’ve been brave,” I said to him. He hugged me and started to cry.

“You’ll be alright son… you’ll be alright.

By Nikola


The School Of Clowns

“Today’s first lesson will be English and we will be writing our horror stories.” Carlos’ head hung low, a yawn spread across his face. It seemed to him like he had shut his eyes for a couple of seconds but when he opened them again, the classroom was dark. Everyone had gone, vanished, even the teachers had gone.

 “Where could they have gone?” thought Carlos. Scratch marks with trails of blood trailed the walls. His heart beat increased. Holes were in the floor and ceiling and the light were flickering on and off. “WHAT IN THE DAMN WORLD IS GOING ON?” shouted Carlos. A blood-gurgling screams came from the room next door to him.

Carlos, stepped out into the corridor, he noticed a dim light coming from the room where the gurgling screams where coming from. Carlos edged towards the room with the dim light in, his body shaking. As quick as a flash, a pail white face with hair as red as blood, darted out of one classroom and ran into the room opposite to. “Surely that wasn’t true I’m just seeing things aren’t I? That wasn’t Miss Boyle as a clown, is it?” whispered Carlos to himself. On one of the doors a sign read “CAUTION blood on the floor.” Undeterred, Carlos really wanted to explore the room where the screams where coming from it. Carlos was dripping with sweat. As he stepped into the room he saw Mrs O’Connell screaming with fright. What was going on? What will happen to her? It seemed that every other teacher in the school had turned into clowns and now Mrs O’Connell was going to turn into a clown. No!!! Surely not! Was it a dream or was it really going on?

“EWWWWW,” cried Carlos “What am I standing in?” Carlos looked down. He was standing in something that looked like a dark red but the more he looked at it, it turned a more bright red. What was going on? Was he going to die? At the moment, Mrs O’Connell started to transform into a clown, right before his very eyes. Carlos saw Mrs O’Connell transform into Mrs O’Clown, an evil grin spread across her face. He dashed as fast he could out of the classroom. There was only two ways to go. Left was down the back staircase and out of the school or right through the library down the stairs and out of the office door. “La la lalalala laaaaa la lalalala,” distracted Carlos as he heard a clown singing a creepy song coming from the stairwell.

Carlos chose the right. Through the library, down the stairs and out of the office door. On his way down he noticed a familiar face coming towards him but it wasn’t as he remembered it. They had curly hair as red as blood (which probably did have blood on it), dark green diamonds surrounding its eyes and a pale white face. His heart started pounding and it took a matter of seconds for the sweat to drip down Carlos’ face. About three seconds later, Carlos noticed it only meters away and dived into an empty classroom, hoping the clown didn’t notice. The clown was Miss Boyle. As she passed the classroom, Carlos made a quick dash and ran through the library, down the stairs and to the office door. Breathing deeply, his hands resting on his knees, Carlos managed to open the door to the reception area. There stood Mr Williams and Carlos smiled, shouting, “Mr Williams save me.” Carlos walked up to Mr Williams knowing that he was nearly free. “Please save me Mr Williams please!” cried Carlos. Carlos looked up, Mr Williams was not his usual self he was… he was a… he was a CLOWN!!! Carlos kicked Mr Williams in the shin and ran out of the building screaming as Mr Williams fell to the floor.

Carlos ran as fast as his legs could carry him (which wasn’t that fast). When Carlos reached the great iron gates he notices the clown Mrs Maudsley. Mrs Maudsley bit Carlos and poof, he was gone.

By Ryan