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Healthy Eating Day

Healthy Eating Week Theme Day 2015 was extremely successful in Year 5 at St John’s. We had great fun making a delicious smoothie as our play-time healthy snack. We made sure to be very hygienic before we started preparing our food. We made a strawberry and banana smoothie which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

In the afternoon, after learning about the Eat Well Plate, we used different foods to create our own healthy meal, including foods from each food group. We also had the chance to try some new foods which we had never tried before such as hummus, couscous and peppers.

This was followed by our second cooking session of the day. We made a tasty and nutritious vegetable salad which we brought home with us at the end of the day. Who knew healthy food could be so tasty?

The day was completed with a fitness session outside where we took part in strenuous drills. The coach talked to us about how to keep our hearts healthy and fit.