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Going for Gold June 2013

This article was written by Year 6 pupils
On Thursday 13th of June, Year 6 participated in Going for Gold.
We were all split up into teams were people from the two classes would be mixed together and had to complete an activity. 
The activity involved writing our own newspaper article including many funny stories.
Our goal was to create a newspaper with informative articles, good photographs and a presentation that would encourage and persuade people to purchase our newspaper. We had 45 minutes to complete this task to the best of our ability because at the end we had to present it to our classes, who were in other teams.

 If we worked hard and didn’t mess about while completing our task we would earn points while team members who did mess about would lose their team points.
At the end the final points were added and the team with the most points was the winner. 
The objective of Going for Gold is to work together with people even if you didn’t want to work with them. This is important because when we grow up and go to work we will also have to work with people we don’t want to.
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