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Extra Curricular Clubs

At St John's we hold a variety of after school and lunchtime clubs for our pupils to attend in addition to their curriculum lessons. This enables us to broaden the musical experience of the children, enrich their learning and increase their enjoyment in the subject. 

Year 4 Recorder Club

Year 4 love to learn new music and popular songs during their lunch hour. Most recently they have been hard at work learning Mamma Mia by Abba, and enjoy rehearsing this with the backing track!

Years 5 and 6 Singing Club

Children get the opportunity to learn and sing a wide variety of songs of their choice in a fun, relaxed, positive environment. They can be creative and adapt, perform and dance to the songs and they broaden their knowledge of contemporary and traditional singers and songs. 

Young Voices

Focussing on songs from popular Musical Theatre, children learn to perform in groups, duets and solos, and to take different parts of a song whilst working together to perform the whole piece. The songs are from recent musicals, as well as long established shows. The children love learning and performing these, and parents and carers were delighted to watch their latest show, as were many of the staff and the children's siblings

Resonate After School Club

Delivered by a specialist teacher, children get the opportunity to practice their instruments and enjoy learning different skills in music. They collaborate on songs, and practice musical concepts in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 

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Superstarters at Resonate

Many of our children attend an instrumental ensemble group at Resonate Studios where they have the opportunity to experience a bigger range of instruments, methods, and receive specialist support and tuition. Parents and carers enjoy attending their termly concerts to see what they have been learning about.