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Expenditure 2014/15

P.E. and Sports Funding / Expenditure 2014/15

Impact on Children

A detailed evaluation outlining the full impact of the P.E. and Sports spending is  published at the end of each academic year.

Actual Funding £9,170








Liverpool Sports Partnership (LSSP) Bronze Membership



PE Grant Funded


The LSSP Bronze Membership gives more children an opportunity to take part in competitive sports against other schools. We entered 33 different LSSP sports competitions with 148 (62%) children participating from years 1 to 6. With access to SEN competitions 83%of SEN children took part in at least 1 competitive event.




  • Specialist Gymnastic and Dance teachers 3 afternoons

  • Weekly CPD

  • Afterschool / lunchtime clubs in Gymnastics and Netball




PE Grant Funded

Specialist teachers have supported teachers through team teaching and provided high quality teaching/coaching in both gymnastics and dance from years 1-6.

The LSSP provided a netball, street dance and a KS1 and KS2 gymnastics after school clubs catering for 33% of children across KS1 and 2 over the year.


Extra Curricular / Competition Activities

  • Lunchtime P.E. coach

  • Competition Affiliations





PE Grant Funded

Employing a PE graduate as a T.A. to work at lunchtimes has raised the profile of sport and healthy life styles through a variety of daily lunchtime activities and year group competitions.

Affiliation to competitions e.g. LSFA has allowed both girls and boys football teams to participate in competitive matches against other schools.

Additional Funding  £9,100



Additional Allocation









Specialist Games Coach




Mr Wildman has worked with Years 1 and 2 on a weekly basis providing high quality PE lessons covering a range of sports/ games  in developing skills





  Swimming All KS2




86% of year 6 children able to swim a minimum  25 metres with 30% at 50 metres. Years 3 -5 gaining confidence in different swimming strokes in learning to swim. Increased confidence and understanding of basic water safety – 1 week allocated to water safety / year group.




  ‘Top Up’ swimming for Y6




Children attended the LA top up programme to achieve their 25metres.




 Extra Curricular  /Competition Activities

·    Transport

·    CPD Teachers / T.A.’s







The school provides a range of successful extracurricular sport/ healthy life style clubs and competitions across both KS1 and 2 at both lunchtime and after school. Here 87% KS1 and 91% KS2 children take part.

These clubs are taken by school staff and paid professional coaches. 2TA’s responsible for sport have attended CPD courses e.g. Rise and Shine / FA Coaching Course.