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Expenditure 2013/14

Impact on Children

A detailed evaluation outlining the full impact of the P.E. and Sports spending is now included below.

Actual Funding £9,250







Liverpool Sports Partnership
Bronze Membership

  L.S.F.A. Affiliations






Allows more children to enter a greater variety of competitive sports coordinated by the LSSP and LSFA.

Children have opportunities to develop skills in new sports and gain a sense of ‘fair play’ and sportsmanship.





 ·Specialist Gymnastic and  Dance teachers  two afternoons

 · Weekly CPD


 · Afterschool /                          lunchtime clubs
   in Gymnastics.





Specialist teachers to support teachers through team teaching.

Providing children with gymnastic and dance skills through high quality specialist coaches.

Gymnastics Club  won their LSSP Competition and represented Liverpool in The Sainsbury School Games at Level 3.




 Liverpool City Council  Swimming Programme        (years 3 – 6)




88% of year 6 children able to swim a minimum of 25 metres with 31% at 50 metres. Years 3 -5 gaining confidence in different swimming strokes and learning to swim. Increased confidence and understanding of basic water safety – 1 week allocated to water safety / year group.





Specialist Games Coach




Working with KS1 providing high quality games sessions for children, developing skills and a love of sport.




    Extra Curricular
    / Competitive Activities

    ·Lunchtime P.E. coach






Employing a PE Graduate to support individual health programme at lunchtimes in ‘The Sports Zone’. Children recording their own progress.

Funding children to access active clubs eg Dance/Taekwondo etc




Sports Leaders Training




Training of year 5 and 6 children as Sports Leaders to organise lunchtime competitions across KS2 encouraging a healthy life style.

Leaders organised our Annual Sports Day.




       Extra Curricular /            Competition Activities 

· Transport                   

· CPD  Teachers/T.A.’s




Transport allowing access to competitive sports off site.

CPD  allows teachers and teaching assistants to access high quality training to support children in Physical Education.




      Termly Subject

      Leaders Meetings



Subject Leader Mr Walsh attends the meetings allowing St John’s to share good practice in PE and develop network contacts for mutual support.