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Eco Council

Eco Warriors

These are St John’s Eco Warriors. The council is made up of two representatives from Year 2 to Year 6. They were voted in by their classmates and will serve on the eco-council all year.

Our Year 6 Eco Warriors are in charge of energy saving for KS1 and KS2. This means they make sure children and teachers don’t waste electricity. They often patrol the corridor at lunchtimes making sure lights are off and turning off computer screens in the library when they are not being used.

Year 3 and Year 5  Eco Warriors are in charge of the recycling in school. Their role is to work extremely hard to empty recycling bins on a regular basis.

Year 4  Eco Warriors are in charge of healthy living in our school. They will be working towards helping children eat and act healthier in school, including encouraging them to use our salad bar at lunch times. Also, during Spring term they will be responsible for leading the ‘Rise and Shine’ morning exercise activities along with Mr Walsh.

Year 2  Eco Warriors are in charge of litter in our school. They will be making sure the school grounds are clear and that the areas around school are also free from litter.

We are all looking forward to getting involved in promoting Walk to School Week in May 2016 where it is our duty to encourage children to walk or cycle to school and in our upcoming meetings we will be talking about ways we can do this.

Although we have people in charge, all of our eco-warriors are very involved and passionate about all of the above areas around our school. Currently we are all designing our own posters to promote awareness of our areas of responsibility. In our upcoming meetings the eco-council will be deciding which pupils will lead the school in considering global issues, being more green and getting pupils involved with our eco issues. 


Eco Warriors