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Cookery Perfect Brownies 2014

At the end of our Spring Term, Year 5 pupils in Miss Sheridan's Literacy group were treated to a morning of cookery where they made chocolate brownies. They Then put their writing skills to very use afterwards by writing a set of instructions for the recipe "The Perfect Brownie", a recipe which would be suitable for young children. Well done Year 5 !

First we got all our ingredients together. 

Careful measurement is very important when you are cooking. 

Next we added all the ingredients in the correct order.

Then the hard work of mixing began. 

Everybody helped mix. 

After a lot of mixing our Perfect Brownie mixture was ready to be poured out. 

Miss Sheridan watches proudly as pupils make sure no Brownie mixture is wasted. 

After all the hard work, Year 5 proudly show their Perfect Brownies to the world. 

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