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Connex Career Day

Year 6 Careers Connex Workshops 2018

Year 6 took part in a Careers Day. During the day they had the opportunity to explore different jobs and discuss their future aspirations. They had the chance to recognise the skills and qualities needed for different jobs – some of the skills needed for certain jobs did surprise some of our children.

As part of the day’s activities the children listened to a variety of people, ranging from a fire-fighter to a Marketing manager, about their jobs, how they achieved their dream job and at the end of each session the children asked some thought provoking questions. They enjoyed learning about the different jobs each person has had in their life and the skills they needed to succeed.

In the afternoon the children were spilt into groups and they were given the task to create a robot that will help people with their daily life. Once they designed their robot, children had to create a poster to advertise and sell their product. In their groups, the children all bravely presented their robot idea to some very special visitors (Notre Dame Headteacher and deputy head and the Manager of Careers Connex). The children did extremely well and there were some ideas that the judges wanted to be invented now.

The leaders of this programme commented on the wonderful behaviour, co-operation and contribution of our Year Six children. We were so proud of them and know that they will all have very bright futures!