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Code Of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct has come from both the children and parents from St John’s and finalised at School Council. We have high expectations where respect for one another is at the centre of our behaviour policy and is a fundamental part of our Schools Mission Statement.  

Treat everyone with respect  

  • be polite and respectful to adults and children
  • don’t do or say anything that will upset or hurt others
  • get on well with each other and work together as a team
  • don’t make fun of other people or their ideas or beliefs
  • help other people whenever you can  

Look after our school  

  • keep the school clean and tidy
  • look after school equipment
  • use the toilets properly  

Be honest  

  • tell the truth
  • never touch or take other people’s property unless the owner says you can  

Listen and learn  

  • listen to the teacher or other pupils in the class, don’t interrupt or call out
  • children should be allowed to learn without being distracted by others  

Be safe  

  • walk quietly and sensibly round the school
  • walk in single file and keep to the left hand side
  • don’t run or jump down the stairs
  • don’t throw anything at other people  

Play happily  

  • respect other children’s play
  • involve others in your games, take turns and share
  • no fighting or play-fighting at any time  

Think before you act  

  • set a good example to others
  • don’t do things you know are wrong
  • make up your own mind about what you should do