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Chosen For Dance

A talented group of children were selected to go to Archbishop Beck High School to learn some exciting new dance techniques....-

Year 6 Dance Trip

A few weeks ago 7 dancers got chose to go on a special dance trip in Archbishop Beck. There we learned Musical theatre street dance limbering and lifts. First we did musical theatre, we danced to Hairspray and used our facial expressions loads and then we did street dance where there was lots of fast groovy moves!! We had our lunch and then went back to limbering. In limbering we did lots of stretches and gymnastics moves. Last we did some lifts. We got paired up with some scholarship dancers and we got lifted upside down. After a long day we headed back to school.

By Rosie

Year Six Dances

In St Johns Catholic School we go to different schools to learn all kinds of dancing. We also do dance here at St Johns on a Wednesday for the juniors and Mondays for infants.

Our Dance Trip To Archbishop Beck

When we got to Archbishop Beck we did all types of dancing like limbering, street dance, lifting and musical theatre. It was good because all other schools were there and you could make friends with them. After that we headed back to our School. We also got to see the scholarship.It was really good when we got lifted! We did cool stuff and we all liked street dance the most because we did cool moves any way. We listened and danced to Hairspray in ballroom dancing.  

By Nikita