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Children's University

St. John’s have signed up to become a validated Liverpool Children’s University Learning Provider, in recognition of the encouragement the school gives it’s pupils to access learning beyond the normal school day and to gain recognition for their commitment to enhancing their own learning.

Children’s University is a national charity run by local centres which validates out of hours learning for children aged between 5-14 years old.  We validate after-school and lunchtime clubs encouraging students to access a wide range of extracurricular activities to support and enrich their curriculum learning. 

How does it work? 

Children collect 1 credit for each hour they attend an accredited CU activity or afterschool club (maximum of 20 credits per activity).  These credits are tracked throughout the year, and will shortly be tracked online by pupils using our E-Passport. 

Throughout the year you will receive information regarding extra-curricular clubs that your child may attend within school.  These may be wide ranging from sports, drama, arts, and many more.  These clubs have been developed into modules that have clear and structured learning objectives that will help provide a better quality of enrichment activities.

Depending on the amount of credits the children earn, they can achieve Children’s University certificates and awards. These are split into three categories, to mirror the University journey – Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate levels (see overleaf).  

Children and families will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony.  The children will be robed in caps, gowns and stoles then presented with their national certificate.  The graduation is a brilliant way to celebrate the commitment and hard work the children have produced throughout the year.  

St. John’s would like to acknowledge and thank the parents/carers for the pivotal role that they play in the children’s engagement in extra-curricular activities - they could not do it without you.  

Many thanks 

Miss Maudsley
Mrs James  - School Children’s University Coordinator