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Autumn Term 2013












The class teachers in Reception are Mrs Keelan (Green Base), Mrs Hyland and Mrs Taylor (Blue Base).

The children are settling well into Reception and are enjoying many learning experiences through play and fun.












The children are exploring all areas of the classrooms to develop their skills and to help them become independent learners.






























We use the creative area to develop our imaginative, thinking and physical skills.





































Our computers are very popular and help to develop our IT skills.






































We love to dress up and become superheroes !












Making patterns helps develop our mathematical skills.





















We love exploring with the sand and can pretend we are back on the beach

We are discovering what we can make with magnetic blocks.















We are enjoying using the construction sets. We have to build very carefully and use our physical skills.

Reading is an important part of our curriculum. We encourage the children to choose and share stories. And, of course, we all love having a story read to us !













Foundation Stage Outdoor Area

We are proud of our outdoor area as it has been carefully planned to provide opportunities for the children to develop in all areas of the curriculum.

The Stage

This is purpose built with a canopy to provide cover from the weather, seating for an audience and a power point so the children can use music to enhance their creativity. 


These consist of a wooden structure with a canopy and others made from living willow. These provide children with a quiet place to read, write, draw or to simply take time to sit and look at our beautiful garden.

The playground

This has been designed as a road way with a zebra crossing to help the children become aware of road safety. It also has two wooden buildings and a bridge which, in the children’s imagination, can become anything they want!

We also have a wonderful climbing frame and a shiny tunnel which gives the children endless possibilities for play whilst developing their physical skills.