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Autumn Poems

Poems inspired by Awesome Autumn…

As autumn begins, we shared lots of ideas through class discussion about what we can see, hear, feel, taste and touch.

We worked in groups to mind-map ideas which we presented to the class.These mind-maps really helped us to plan and draft ideas for our poems.

We edited our work after reading them aloud. We have really enjoyed presenting our final pieces of writing as we are very proud of our work.

Reflecting upon autumn…

Autumn is a beautiful time of year when the leaves change to orange, yellow and red.
Scarlet berries appear in the hedgerows.
Shiny brown chestnuts drop from the horse chestnut trees.
Farmers are busy gathering in the harvest in orchard and field.


What signs of autumn will you see today, and will you make a special effort to enjoy the season?

Please enjoy reading our poems and enjoy this warm and cosy season… 

Amazing Autumn                            

I can hear the loud crunch,

Of leaves in a bunch .

Drifting away,

Like birds in the sky .

Chirping along,

To their long, sweet sound . 

By Fethie

Autumn Adventures

Gradually you will see,
The autumn leaves fall from the tree,
You will be sitting comfortably in our home
Watching the dogs begin to chew on their bone.
Finally night starts to fall,
You begin to see the hedgehogs crawl.
You wonder why they hibernate,
Then your mum says ‘go to bed its late.’
When you’re settling down to bed,
You grab a pillow to rest your head.
When you’re in a deep sleep,
You get awaken by the alarm clocks beep.

By Annie

Autumn all around

Conkers falling on the ground,
Leaves drifting all around.
Fruits going ripe; 
There is lots of hype.
The flash of fireworks,
The warmth of the fire.
The fluffiness of a pillow;
To rest your head on.
Wake up in the morning,
Hear the children playing.
The thump of conkers falling;
Autumn is here!
By Aaron

Autumn leaves

I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze,
The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp,
                        Sun burnt leaves,  
Red leaves falling on the ground, 
Autumn time is coming all around. 
Leaves are falling to the ground, 
Without a sound. 
Days are shorter,
Nights are growing longer.
One is orange two are brown,
Three look yellow on the ground. 
Three are green two are red,  
    One just fell upon my head.
Autumn time is here!
By Ellis 


Autumn Breeze!!!!

Seeing the sunlight fading away
      Waiting for the animals to come out to play.

Feel the Autumn breeze, that leaves a shiver
Watch out for cold air, it will make you quiver.

    Seeing the golden yellow bees
  Watching the brown dying leaves.

Feel the wind lashing against my face
I run at a brilliant pace.

Hear the animals calling
See the rain falling.

Hear the Autumn bells
                      Going down all the wells.

When the wind is going to blow
     All the leaves go with the flow.

When we go out to play
                             The sunlight fades away.

Here comes Halloween
We go out and pretend we’re teens.

All the leaves are there, 
All the trees are bare.

The leaves are on the floor dying
Some are in the air flying.

My conkers are in my room
I am going to get some more very soon.

Conkers falling on your head
Come on let’s run instead.

All the leaves falling on the floor
We are all asking for more.

Let’s go and find some more leaves
OW! I just got stung by two bees.

By Isabel 


Hear the crackling leaves as I walk,
Hear the birds chirping as I talk.
Hear the hailstones falling when I am in bed,
Hear the conkers falling on my head.

See the dark nights,
See the birds fly to the lights.
See the leaves up so high,
See them nearly reaching the sky.

Feel the cold chill in the air,
Feel the trees that are so bare.
Feel the warmness in my home,
Feel the softness of my dome.

Smell the steam from the cocoa,
Smells lovely-do you know?
Smell the fresh cold breeze,
Smell the dampness of the trees.

By Mollie


Every year it comes,                       
And always goes.
But has to pay its fare.
Gold and brown leaves,
All galloping through the trees.
Autumn time is here.

Smell the aroma of hot chocolate,
In the darkness of the lights and trees.              
Deep in the darkness,
Warm by the fire.
Winter time some despair.

You feel loved by your family,
Chatting away ever so happily.
Fell the wind brushing against your face,
With such velvety, elegance and grace.
The scolding heat on your hands,
Tucked up to leave for night on end.

But then the day arrives,
When we have to say our goodbyes.
The first day of winter now is here,
See ya autumn next year!

By Lewis