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Aspirations Day Year 5 & 6

Year 5 and 6 children spent a day with Career Connect to explore the world of careers. Through a variety of interactive activities including a computer program which analysed their answers and gave them a prediction to possible career choices, the children looked at skills needed for different jobs and careers.

They looked at ‘new’ jobs and careers for the future and discussed and worked around the idea that perhaps there are only a few few jobs which are male or female only!

The day also involved the children’s parents in coming along to work with their child and to think about the future and a career.

By the end of the day the children went home with an awareness of ‘what might I want to do when I leave school/education’. They are thinking about what they are working towards and contemplating what career they would like to explore.

The children enjoyed the day, they discovered a lot about the ‘working world’ and now they are thinking about their future even at this young age.