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Andy Tooze (Poet)

Andy Tooze- The Poet from the Peaks

On Thursday 7th and Friday 8th February we were fortunate to have a visit from the well known Derbyshire poet Andy Tooze.

Andy spent the two days working with each class, reading some of his poems and helping the children to write some of their own.

The visit ended with a celebratory assembly in which the whole school gathered to listen to the poems each year group had produced.

Everyone agreed the results were amazing, with poems on subjects ranging from tigers, friends, football, teachers, boxing,1D(!) and much more!

To see all the photos from Andy's visit please click here

Below is just a small selection of the excellent poems produced- together with a poem written especially for St John’s by Andy himself:

St Johns

Attractive from the outside

Attractive from the inside

Liverpudlian lyrical loveliness

Scouse spouters of spirit-filled joy

I liked my visit!


If you had no brain

You couldn’t think.

If you had no ears

You couldn’t hear.

If you had no toes

You couldn’t tiptoe

If you had no legs

You couldn’t walk.

If you had no eyes

You couldn’t see.

If you had no nose

You couldn’t smell.

If you had no friend

Who could you play with?

By children in Reception

20 words about photographs

Hands on my hips

As I smile

For the flash

My big cheesy grin

As you take my photograph


Layla Year 6