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Art Blog Week 3

Our final session of the group 1 project.

Week 3 – 25th June. 
This was our final session of the group 1 project and we had the exciting and messy task of printing our wonderful dancing giraffe pictures. 
First we inked our polystyrene tiles using yellow ink. 
We needed to make sure the whole tile was covered in an even layer of ink. 
Then we carefully turned our tiles onto a piece of paper and gently pressed down the tile. 
It was a very scary moment and a good job Daddies and Mummies were there to give us a 
Once we had printed our yellow layers we needed to carefully clean our tiles with warm water. Once the tile was clean we drew even more details into the image. We drew stars in the sky and the spots and patches on our giraffes. We then re-inked our tiles using blue ink. 
Finally we printed a blue layer over the top of the yellow. We were amazed by the results. We hope you like the results too!