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Art Blog Week 2

This week we worked on our beautiful giraffes....

Week 2 - 18th June 
This week we worked on our beautiful giraffes. We looked carefully at the pictures from the book to look for shapes and lines needed to draw our giraffes. 
It was great having our parents to help us. They were able to explain how to draw the parts of our giraffes. Thank you Mums and Dads.  
We even had a little sister helping today. 
Once we had drawn our giraffes using pencils we got out our paints, brushes and water pots. We needed to choose our own brushes. Because we were painting small drawings we selected fine paint brushes. It was a good choice. 
We held our brushes near the bottom so that we had the most amount of control. 
We carefully checked our giraffes had the correct amount of legs. Well, a 3 legged giraffe would be a rather wobbly dancer. 
It’s very relaxing painting together. Maybe you could paint with your child today?
Once we had finished painting our giraffes we carefully cut them out. We only lost a leg or two. Thank goodness for glue! When our pieces of our paintings are dried we will stick our giraffes onto our lovely backgrounds. 
Next some of the group started the final part of their projects, the giraffe prints. To make our giraffe prints we firstly had to draw another dancing giraffe onto printing foam board. We had to move the blunt pencil carefully to make sure we pressed into the foam just the right amount. We had to make sure we filled our piece of foam so we didn’t waste any space. 
Then it was time for home. Next week we will put our pictures together and then hopefully complete some two layered prints using our foam boards and inks.