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Giraffes Can't Dance

This term Art Club will be for children in Year 1 and will be focussed around the stroy Giraffes Can't Dance. 

Art Blog 18th June 2015

Week 1 – 11th June 2015

 (This term I will be completing two sets of three weeks blocks with the lovely Year 1 children and parents).

Thursday 11th June saw the start of the next Art Club project.

Our first group came to Art Club this week and we were joined by lots of lovely parents. Welcome parents and we hope you enjoy your time within our club.

This terms projects are centred around the story Giraffes Can’t Dance.












First the children looked at the wonderful pictures of the giraffes and animals dancing in the book. They then worked on their paintings backgrounds. They needed to decide whether to make a Portrait or a landscape picture and turn their paper the appropriate way.










We then used watercolour paint to create a wash for the night sky. We needed to make sure out paint brush marks followed the line of the horizon. 

Everyone did a fantastic job and created beautiful night skies. 



Next everyone added in their grass and stars. Harvey is painting his painting landscape and Isla is painting her picture portrait.


We chose small brushes to paint our stars so we could create finer more refined shapes. 


Next Week we start our giraffes,