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The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Mr Booth's class have been discussing the gifts of the Holy Spirit, click to find out more....

Mr Booth's class have been discussing the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We discussed which of the gifts we thought were the most important and why. We also discussed how the gifts of the Holy Spirit can help people to live their Christian lives. We then ranked the gifts in order of importance and gave the rest of the class reasons for our decisions. We didn't come up with the same answers but we discussed how it is fine to have different opinions, as long as you respect the opinions of others.

The seven gifts are:

  • Wisdom - that is the gift to be sensible and not to jump to conclusions but be thoughtful.
  • Understanding - enables people to be compassionate ands take time to find out and be able to appreciate what is happening.
  • Right judgement - means using wisdom and understanding to come to a good decision about something.
  • Courage - there are times when everyone needs to be brave in standing up for what they believe to be right and holy.
  • Knowledge - without knowledge you cannot make right judgements or have an understanding. It takes practice to have true knowledge.
  • Reverence - this about respect for God, for one another and for yourself.
  • Awe and wonder in God's presence - this gift enables people to recognise the wonder of God and be amazed by the love and goodness of God.