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  • Maths Monday Workshop

    Published 13/12/16, by Admin

    Throughout the year parents, relatives and carers of Reception children are invited to join their children in a key maths lesson in their classrooms. During the sessions parents and carers join in. To read more and see pictures from our gallery please click here.

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  • Mystery Books!

    Published 09/03/16, by Reception Blog

    To celebrate World Book Day, the children in Reception all took home a mystery parcel! The children were excited to choose their parcel and take it home to open. The following week, the children were full of news of what book was inside ther package. Some children had recipe books, others had fairy tale books, others had books in which they could practise their handwriting. We hope you had fun reading them at home, and maybe following some of the recipe and craft ideas!

    A big thanks to Sainsburys supermarket for very kindly donating the books!

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  • Autumn in Reception

    Published 24/11/15, by Reception Blog

    We have enjoyed finding out about Autumn! Read on to find out about all that we have done.

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  • Booktime Books

    Published 25/11/14, by Reception Blog

    There was great excitement in Reception last week as the children all took delivery of their Booktime book bags. The children were eager to talk about "Hairy Maclary" the next day, showing they had really enjoyed the story. We hope all our parents / carers enjoyed the contents of the bags as well.

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  • Mysterious Package Arrives

    Published 28/04/14, by Reception Blog

    Today two mysterious packages arrived in Early Years.They came accompanied by a letter, asking us to take care of the egg shaped parcel.  We are all puzzled about what could be inside and we had a good think and talked about our ideas. We cant wait until Wednesday when we will find out exactly what is inside!

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  • Dinosaur Mystery

    Published 13/01/14, by Reception Blog

    We had a big surprise when we returned to class after assembly! We were  greeted by the sight of a very messy snack table and four dinosaurs sitting nearby. After a lively discussion we realised that the only possible answer was that the dinosaurs had helped themselves to snack and had forgotten to tidy up! Some of the children suggested it was just like the story Dinosaurs in the Supermarket, one of our favourite stories. We have written about it in our writing books and some of us even made shelters for them! Look out for more dinosaur adventures over the weeks.

    Check out our gallery of Dinosaur pictures here.

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  • Dinosaurs come to St John's!

    Published 08/01/14, by Reception Blog

    This term's Literacy based topic will be starting with books, poems and rhymes relating to dinosaurs. This arose from the children's enthusiasm for all things dinosaur! You can help us in this by looking out for any dinosaur related books and stories, and also by helping them to find facts about dinosaurs. Keep checking the website to see how we get on!

    Check out our gallery of Dinosaur pictures here.

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  • Reception Nativity

    Published 09/12/13, by Reception Blog

    We all had great fun performing our Nativity play for our families last week. We sang, danced and acted and everyone thought we were wonderful! Pictures are now online, click here to see them.

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  • Busy With Phonics

    Published 26/11/13, by Reception Blog

    This week Green Base and Blue Base have been busy with phonics. We have learnt new sounds and have enjoyed using our whiteboards to practise our letter formation.

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  • Book Buddies visit St John's!

    Published 14/11/13, by Reception Blog

    This week we had a surprise parcel delivered to Reception. There was great excitement as we carefully unwrapped it. Inside we found a basket of Book Buddies together with a letter to all the children! You are probably wondering who are the Book Buddies. Your child will be able to tell you all about them! Watch this space!

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