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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from St John's Nursery!

 Our cozy corner has been transformed into a winter ice cave! We have lots of fun playing with the animals and reading wintery stories whilst snuggling up on the warm furry rug!

Our main topic this half term is Traditional Tales! We have loved hearing and acting out stories such as Little Red Riding Hood, and have heard about how Goldilocks stole the bears’ porridge and slept in Baby Bear’s bed!

We have had a go at building houses out of straw which we found really difficult, and then seeing if we could blow down houses we made out of bricks!  We loved hearing about what happened to the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf and we often act it out with our friends when we are playing!

We have a new area in our nursery, which is called The World of Technology! The children can play with an amazing colour light box, and learn to control remote control cars, and talk to their friends on our mobile phones! We know how important it is to be ’techno-savvy’ in the world today, so we are encouraging our children to have a go at operating the toys, moving the switches, turning the dials etc. We are also developing our educational base of children’s Ipads, so if you know of any great apps that are fun and  educational please let us know and we can download them for the children to use in school!